How to compose an outline essay

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How to compose an outline essay

How to compose an outline essay are very important before you start writing. It gives the writers a preliminary idea of how to make the entire writing. Just like to make an economical and quality construction of a house you need to make a plan similarly you need a broad outline before you start quality essay writing.

A good structure will help you in getting the answers of these questions before you actually start your project:

1) What is the study about?

2) Why is the study being made?

3) Where will the study be carried out?

4) What type of data is required?

5) Where can the required data be found?

6) What periods of time will the study include?

7) What will be the sample design?

8) What techniques of data collection will be used?

9) How will the data be analyzed?

10) In what style will the paper be prepared?

As you can see these questions will give you the answers of every thing of the article i.e. from thesis statement to research methodology to the conclusion. A good design helps the writers from many different ways like:

a) It gives the writers an idea about the arrangement of the paragraphs

b) It makes the writing more cohesive and to the point

c) It minimizes the total time for the project

d) It minimizes the total cost for the for the project

e) It minimizes the error

In spite of all these, the need for a well thought out design is at times not realized by many. The importance which this problem deserves is not given to it. As a result many writers do not serve the purpose for which they are undertaken. In fact, they may even give misleading conclusions.

Thoughtlessness in designing may result in rendering the total exercise futile. It is, therefore, imperative that an efficient and appropriate outline must be prepared before starting your project. The essay format helps the writer to organize his ideas in a form whereby it will be possible for him to look for flaws and inadequacies.

There are generally three main parts in an essay . The essay introduction is the first section. It generally deals with the background of the study, the objective of the study, the reason for choosing this project, the scope and importance of it etc. The thesis statement comes in this section generally at the end of the opening paragraph. This section needs to be written in an interesting and persuading manner so the reader may become interested in going through the full paper.

The main body of the college essay paper comes after the introductory section. This section talks about the methodology, the required data collection method, the treatment of those data using different analytical techniques and the interpretation of the findings.

The conclusion section is the last part which gives a brief of the whole journey and the future implications of the findings.

Outline essay is very important for writing. It gives you an idea of the whole thing before you physically start your project.

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