Hooks for Essay

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Hooks for Essay

What are Hooks for Essay?

For college students, developing effective hooks for essay can be quite challenging, especially when they are not sure what to write about. Your hook for essay may make or break your writing because it determines whether the work will be read till the end or not. The hook definition essay depends on the paper objectives.

Good hooks for essays also set the tone and ambiance of the writing. Our hook sentences for essays examples help you brainstorm ideas on various types of essays. Beyond being attention-grabbing, they must be completely relevant to the main body.

In creating good hooks for argumentative essays, you are supposed to spell out the thesis clearly, making the hook easier to develop. The best argumentative essay hook examples will also take care of the different opinions on the issue.

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Developing Captivating Hooks For an Essay

A good hook for an essay will blend effortlessly with the introduction, and also depends on the essay type. A hook sentence for compare and contrast essay will be markedly different from a hook for argumentative essay.

Compare and contrast essay hooks might want to leverage informative statistics or some other less known facts. An argumentative essay hook may also want to state a compelling real-life fact especially if the essay is tackling contentious issues. The best hooks for essays are usually humorous, satirical or even quote from other famous works. We have plenty of hooks for essays examples that will definitely captivate your readers’ attention.

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A Wide Range of Hooks for Essays

Good essay hooks can turn boring or complex subjects into pleasant reads almost immediately. Your hook essay can be cut from a scene or a flashback, especially if the essay is narrative.

Other good hooks for essays examples include revealing less known facts about common misconceptions, or using contradictions, e.g.

“The best day of my life ironically also felt like the saddest.”

It is a great contradictory hook for an essay that makes the reader want to understand the ‘how-and-why’ of the situation.

Bell Hooks essays are classics when it comes to perfect hooks for an essay. An example is her ‘Moving beyond Pain’ starting with a simple-yet-catchy ‘Lemonade is my favorite drink’, immediately tempting you to read more.

You’ll get plenty of essay hook examples, ideas, analysis and tips from these and other great literary works right here.

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