Free English essay

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Free English essay

Free English essay are those articles that are given in the net without taking any charges. It can be very good if you are searching for some model papers but you can’t use these articles as your own. Because then that will be a case of plagiarism, as all these papers are protected by copy right law. And the chances of getting your paper are very low if your paper is somehow unique in nature.

Before writing college essays some research need to be made. Firstly, choose a topic in which you are comfortable and your attempt should be to find some thing new. Secondly, choose a topic in which you have the access and budget to collect the required data. Many a times it has been found that the research has to be abandoned after starting because of the lack of available data.

The paper will start with a cover page. The cover page should be sober. Some decoration can be done but never go for large decoration. Always remember that it is a research paper not a love letter. Well we also write love essays. You should write the name of the study, place of the study and the name of your research guide and co guide prominently in the cover page. The cover page will be followed by the content or index page. After that you can write an abstract about the different sections and the overall approach of the paper.

Then you can write the literature survey. It is basically a brief compilation of different works already been done in this field. The literature survey is followed by the essay introduction . It gives an overall idea of the paper. It says about the problem chosen, why it was chosen, its scope and importance in the current and future scenario and the approach of the writer to solve this problem. The background study follows the introduction section. Here you can discuss about the background on which your study has been conducted. You can present the collected data after this section.

The data can be presented in different graphical forms like bar diagram, line diagram, pie diagram etc. that you find suitable for your purpose. The analysis part can be presented after this section. It is then followed the research methodology, limitations of study and the essay conclusion . The conclusion should briefly summarize the whole papers particularly the findings of the paper. The bibliography section is the last section of the paper. It should contain the name of all the references that you have used for the purpose of your project.

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Free English essays are provided without taking any cost. Most of the writing websites contain a few these types of articles.

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