Finding a Good Topic for a Personal Experience Essay

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Finding a Good Topic for a Personal Experience Essay

Writing a personal experience essay can be a very interesting experience in itself. The essay, as is evident from the name, talks about an experience a person has had in the past. This experience should ideally have a moral or a lesson which is useful for the kind of audience you are addressing. Hence, it is very important that you find the right kind of topic for this type of essay, if you are aiming at capturing the attention of your audience.

You can address any kind of a past experience in your personal experience essay. To choose the best subject or experience for your essay, you can consider the following tips.

First and foremost, consider whether you want to talk of a pleasant experience which has had a great influence in your life. Or is it something tragic or unpleasant, which changed your life forever and made you wiser, that you wish to talk about? Or yet, do you wish to share a funny situation you found yourself in, at some point of time in your life, which can give everyone a good laugh?

It happens very often that when a new baby is born in a family, the elder one gets neglected. It is not something that the parents do intentionally but the pressure on the mom inevitably leads to the situation. If you have a younger sibling, you would also possibly have gone through that stage. Talking about the days when your sibling came into your family and how you took the sudden blow of losing the attention which was your right till then, could be a very good topic.

If you are looking at a funny situation, then you could think of some very embarrassing situation where you accidentally found yourself in and how you managed your way out of there. Or you could talk about an outing you had with your family or friends and make it interesting by narrating the funny sequences or things which happened during the trip.

If you are willing to talk about something that can still bring tears to your eyes, there would be nothing better to share than the loss of a dear one. Losing loved ones is something no human being can escape. Hence, sharing how you overcame the tough situation can not only help others but can also be an inspiration to those who could be facing a similar situation at the time.

Another option could be a horrifying incident. Have you ever got trapped alone in a house in the night with the feeling of shadows moving around you? Have you spent sleepless nights imagining yourself as the hero or heroine of a horror movie? Have you ever had to witness a horrible accident that left you shocked for days after that? Such incidents will most certainly be interesting topics for a personal experience essay.

Whatever topic you are choosing, understand that, to write an interesting personal experience essay, you will need excellent narration skills. Narrative essays and all assignments which use narration techniques will ask for good writing and narrative skills. If you are not sure of your talents in narration, you should try to master the art or take professional help for your academic writing assignments which require this particular skill.

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