Examples of Narrative Essay Topics

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Examples of Narrative Essay Topics

There is no dearth of narrative essay topics for a student. Picking a topic, which suits the guidelines and objective of the assignment as well as his, or her, own personal interests, is the only challenge. It is indeed a challenge because in a narrative, the focus fluctuates according to the narration. Understanding the objective of the assignment and being able to judge the focus accurately is the key to preparing an interesting narrative.

While narrating an event or story, you will find that there are various angles to the same story. As per the requirements of the assignment you will be expected to turn the spotlight on the suitable aspect of the story. The perspective you write from, is what actually counts, when it comes to a narrative assignment. Here are some simple but innovative examples of narrative essay topics. Remember that, with narrative assignments you can get as creative as you wish to.These essay prompts are just meant to give you a rough idea of the kind of topics you can consider.

• A morning walk: There are very few people who have never been for a morning walk. In fact it is something most people cannot do without. It is also one of those times when your mind is still fresh and you notice even the small things around. Think of all those walks which you have taken. Find either one event or a string of events which happened on consecutive days, which will suit the objective of your assignment.

• Exam blues: Every student goes through the fear of sitting for an exam at least once in their education life. It sometimes happen that the part of your brain which is supposed to absorb lessons shut down while you are trying to study and your mind starts wandering on its own. During those timers, your mind will be completely out of your control. During such times, you happen to notice very interesting things happening around which catches your interest. You will face a dilemma because you know that you should be studying but the matter that has caught your attention seems to interesting to let go. Think of such a time and link it to the assignment objective to create a very interesting narrative essay.

• A wedding from a different perspective: In a wedding, the spotlight is usually on the bride and the groom and the rest of those who are prominent by the part they take in the wedding. But there are many others who are completely inconspicuous. They come and leave quietly after marking their attendance by wishing the bride and the groom. You might or might not have noticed such people doing interesting things while the rest of them are enjoying the wedding and the party. Think of whether you ever happened to talk to one of those people and learned something really interesting. If yes, it could be an excellent topic for your narrative essay.

Writing narrative essays is interesting. But how much you enjoy the essay writing process and the stage of finding the topic depends on how fertile your mind is. If you are creative enough you can even imagine a story or incident for your essay writing project. Not letting the reader know that what you narrate is not imaginary but real will be the challenge. If you need any more help with your essay assignment, do let us know.

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