Examples of Argumentative Research Paper Topics

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Examples of Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Good argumentative research topics carry the value of being arguable. These topics will be those which are still debated and argued upon. Your argumentative research paper would only be as interesting as how arguable your perspective is. Taking a stance that you actually believe in, will make it easier for you to prove your theory as you cannot convince someone else about something you don’t believe in.

Here are some suggestions of argumentative research paper topics which might give you an idea of what an argumentative essay or research paper topic would be like. Make sure to check the availability of your topic before you choose it for research as the list keeps getting updated.

• Internet has become an inevitable factor in our lives. People turn to internet to get on with their everyday needs like paying the bills and banking to knowledge and education. But internet is known to have ruined lives as well. Internet has made it easier for criminals to find their way into others’ lives. Taking into consideration, all the threats internet pose to the peaceful lives of common people, would you say the conveniences it offer is worth it?

• Rape inflicts extreme mental trauma in victims. But in most countries rapists get away with a few years jail term. Considering that rape is a psychological murder of the victim and the murder of the dignity of her family, is the existing punishment for rape convicts good enough? Should they be let out into the society, fully capable of committing the crime again?

• Prostitution exists in all countries. But you will find very few prostitutes who willingly entered the profession. A majority of the women in this trade are victims of circumstances which forced them into it. It is legalized in certain countries whereas in certain others it is not. Has the legalization of prostitution become the cause of a higher number of minor girls getting forced to enter the trade? Will it help in anyway if prostitution gets banned and all women in the trade, rehabilitated?

• Suicide attempt is a crime in many countries. There are countries where those who fail in a suicide attempt are prosecuted. It is apparent that one must have suffered enough in life to want to end it. Considering that, should people who come out of a suicide attempt be punished by law? Is it murder to kill oneself? Should those who failed in a suicide attempt be put through further trauma by prosecution?

• As people are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones and internet, most companies are using the situation to their advantage. Sending marketing offers and marketing e-mails to personal cell phones and e-mail ids are a common marketing technique now. Unwanted e-mails can be filtered through spam shields but cell phones are still open to the nuisance of forced marketing. Are marketing strategies like spam text messages and emails effective? Does it help in anyway considering that most marketing mails end up in spam folder and most people delete spam text messages without even reading them?

There is no dearth of argumentative research paper topics. But it is the way you present the topic and how effectively you argue your point that makes a difference to the impressiveness of your research paper.

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