Essay structure

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Essay structure

Essay structure is the frame- work for assignments and thesis. There is need for such formal formatting since the paper that is written for submission is for a serious cause. Moreover, the formal formatting makes it easy to arrange the paper methodically so that your ideas are properly showcased. The format you use is basically the same as that you have followed since your school days. There are, of course, a few additions to that format. These are necessitated by the nature of your work, which is research based and includes much consultation and reference study.

To begin with, there is an essay introduction to the entire document. This is a compact form of your full paper put into a nutshell. The concept and thrust of your work constitutes the major part of this section of your writing. In short texts it is the first paragraph that introduces your treatment of the topic you are asked to write about. In the case of longer and more complicated studies it forms a separate section and heads the table of contents. In this case the introduction also includes the background to your study and the reason for your taking it up.

The next part of the essay format relates to the main body of your work your ideas are encapsulated along with your methodology of research, related studies that you have undertaken and your findings. In experimental writing the description of the experiment, its design and results find a place here. This is the longest section of your writing and you need to divide it into comprehensive sub sections for better understanding and logical presentation.

To sum up your text you put in a concluding section that gives validity to your original premise and rounds off your presentation too. The importance of this section of your work lies in the fact that it completes your thesis and provides a proper ending to your study and writing. Without it there is a sense of being left hanging in the air unable to decide whether the text has come to an end or not.

When you utilize material from other sources and include quotes to uphold your point of view, you need to acknowledge these at the end of your topic essay. This is known as the reference section and adding it to your text shows the amount of reading and research that has gone into your work. The bibliography section contains the list of books, magazines, articles and sites that have been of use to you.

Essay structure depends on the type of writing that you are undertaking. In descriptive essay there is continuous text that is readable and holds the interest. In analytical writing facts and figures are presented in tabular form while scientific writing makes abundant use of figures. However, the pattern of introduction, body and conclusion is maintained in all types of texts. The reference and bibliography sections also remain similar in all cases. It is only the method of presentation that changes with a change in the type of writing.

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