Essay rubric

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Essay rubric

Essay rubric without a really good work your chance of obtaining a graduate degree is very slim. So it is absolutely important to understand that how to write a good hypothesis. To make a good paper first one needs to do some background study about choosing the topic. The paper essay should deal with something new in the existing human knowledge. If it is failed to add anything new, the whole exercise will be wasted. So first work is to make a question which is still unsolved. And then the paper will come with a solution. This is the very fundamental of any thesis.

First one needs to check the novelty and feasibility of his college essays . Even a novel paper can be not feasible to work with, if the data are not available. So before starting the paper one needs to be sure about the sources of data. The time required is also very important as in graduate level the time required for submitting the paper is limited.

After selecting the topic and doing some research on it you need to start writing at some point of time. The essay format for a paper though different in different universities, there are some common patterns. It generally starts with an acknowledgement. After that comes the table of content and a brief introduction. The introduction part gives a bird’s eye view of the whole paper. It shows that what to expect from the rest of the paper.

Then one needs to provide the background of the study. It gives an idea to the reader about the previous work done in this field. Also it reveals the importance of the study. After that comes the research problem. This is the main portion of your paper. How you have framed the question is of absolute important for the paper.

Then comes the solution and the findings. If the paper does not come with a proper solution, the whole effort will be futile. The solution and findings should be written in an appropriate manner, because the readers give most attention in this part. After that we deal with the research methodology part. Here we need to describe the methods we have used to arrive into the solution. Scientific and objective methods without any biasness are most favorable. Also there should not be too much subjectivity.

Validity and reliability of the methods should also be checked. It should end with the bibliography. The name of all the references that we have used for the research paper should be clearly mentioned. This thesis needs to be defended in front of the panel members. If it is not properly defended either it will come back for revision or in extreme case it will be rejected.

Essay rubric is an important step in ones academic career and must be taken up with care and right attitude. The importance for getting the important words in the play would make sure that right understanding of the text is done and made sure that all the essential ingredients are catered to its very best. The successful making of the content would make sure that every idea is taken up and all conventions would be decided for the paper.

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