Essay Grading

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Essay Grading

The importance of knowing the essay grading criteria

Various academic assignments are evaluated based on different criteria as per the objective of the assignment. The evaluation is also dependent on the type of assignment. While handling essay assignments, it will help you a lot to have an idea of the essay grading criteria. Even though each assignment has a different grading pattern, there are certain points which are used in almost all grading methods.

• An impressive thesis which is presented appropriately: All writing assignments should have a thesis or a focal point. One of the criteria of essay grading is that of the efficacy with which the thesis has been presented. The thesis must be presented in the introduction, elaborated in the body paragraphs and reinstated in the conclusion. Each time, the tone of stating it would be different. In the introduction it should sound like just a strong opinion. But as you move through the body paragraphs, it should be slowly built into a theory and in the conclusion, it should be stated with confidence. The efficiency with which you develop your thesis into an essay will be one aspect which will be used as the essay grading criteria.

• The structure of the essay: The various structural components affect the collective impression generated by your essay. The content which you put into the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion will form one of the criteria of grading your essay. The introduction should familiarize the audience with the topic, the background and the thesis. The body paragraphs should discuss all the points mentioned in the introduction and the other points required for explaining the matter. The conclusion should conclude the discussion effectively with emphasis to the thesis. The efficacy with which you incorporate these aspects into the structural components of your essay will influence the grades you get.

• The writing skills: No writing assignment can be handled efficiently without good writing skills. Some are born with it whereas the others will need to master it through practice. It is not about using long and tough words dug out of Thesaurus or about writing only in complex sentences. In fact simple sentences written in simple words are much more appreciated when essays are graded. The smooth transition between paragraphs and the way your introduction and conclusion link to each other to hold the essay together would be used to judge the quality of your writing. Your writing must also be free of grammatical or spelling mistakes. Only through flawless writing, you can ensure clarity of presentation.

Essay writing is a skill which can’t be developed overnight. Studying some sample grading sheets or essay rubrics would make it easier for you to understand what is expected of an essay. If you need any kind of help with your essay project, we can assist you. We can also offer you a custom essay which would score high as per the essay grading criteria of your assignment. Our writers are all highly skilled in academic writing and are capable of preparing an outstanding essay for you.

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