English essay paper

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English essay paper

English essay paper are those articles written in that language. As it is the most popular and used language the majority of the essay writing is done in this language.

Though it was basically the language of UK today it is considered as a global language and you can be surly able to communicate in almost all of the parts of the world if you have the working knowledge of this language. College essays are all illustrated in this language.

With the advent of the newer technologies like information technology, electronics system the communication system is becoming much and much better everyday. The transportation system also become much well than you can imagine of some years before.

Because of this advancement all the world has come closer and the concept globalization and global village is getting momentum, if not in the political field but surely in the economic and business field.

It is one of the reasons that people are looking for one universal common language so communication become much easier. UK has dominated the world’s different countries for years and in those former colonies people are quite habituate of knowing this language. So in modern times because of its popularity it has become universal language which is used extensively in different sectors of life.

Today also most of the sample essays published through out the world are published in this language and no other language comes even close to this statistics. In the different fields this language is used extensively and as the different societies are coming closer every day the need of a common language is becoming much more evident every day and English language is fulfilling the promise. But the major paradox is as a language this is not very scientific. In the next paragraph we will discuss one of the funny dimensions about the language.

Language is the lens through which human beings perceive the world. If so, English is perhaps the most distorting lens through which to see animals. It has perpetuated a cross eyed view of birds, beasts, fish and fowl. The very word ‘animal’ connotes the brutish and the sensual. Animal instinct implies baseness and vulgarity. The language transfers negative human traits to animals, making the former appear as characteristics of the latter.

Thus the chicken is cowardly, frightened, faint hearted; the goat lustful and foolish; the bear rough and ill bred; butterflies are flighty; seals slippery and foxes notorious for craftiness and cunning. Much of the worst are the reptiles particularly the snake, creeping, base, malignant, abject, ungrateful and treacherous, always the snake in the grass. Each species carries its denigration forever embedded in its English name giving the language as many unpleasant adjectives as it could possibly want.

To be bull headed is to be impetuous and obstinate; the cattish woman is spiteful and back biting. An elephant’s walk is ungainly, bird brains are to be ridiculed and the herd mentality draws only contempt. You can be as blind as a bat and batty, if you are crazy as well. Education essays are also illustrated in this language.

English essays paper is written in a format for fetching the right attitude and subject matter for the subject.

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