Developing the Topic of your Classification Essay

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Developing the Topic of your Classification Essay

The most important part of a writing assignment is that of developing a topic into a theory and thereafter into a fact. Each assignment requires the topic to be developed using a different method and with a different objective in mind. In a classification essay the objective is to classify or categorize the topic. Hence the topic will have to be developed into a theory using the method of classification. It is necessary to know how to go about it because to reach an accurate conclusion, the method needs to be correct.

Before you even start working on the essay outline, you will need to determine the classification principle and the various stages of classification. Without any idea of where to start you cannot work on a classification principle. Classification is the most organized procedure and without having at least a rough idea of how to go about it, you will not be able to make any progress.

Even though there are many approaches and methods you can consider, to get to a classification thesis, the easiest and the simplest one is that of going from one level of classification to the other. Start by finalizing the principle you wish to use for your classification essay. For example, let us consider that your topic is “the region specific local produce of a particular state”. You can classify it on the basis of many principles. It could be classified on the base of ‘organic’ and ‘non-organic’ foods, the four seasons – as almost all vegetables and fruits are seasonal, and so on. Hence the first task involved in developing a topic through classification is that of determining the base of classification or the classifying principle.

From there you can proceed to classify each one into the first category and then further into “vegetables”, “fruits”, “grains”, “pulses”, “dairy”, “spices” and so on. Then you must narrow it down further. For example; under vegetables, you must list the vegetables which are grown in that state. Remember to stick to the classifying principle at each of the stages of classifying the topic as it is the base of your essay. If you accidentally step away from it you will lose track of the classification and end up straying further and further away from the focal point.

The main aspect to remember while developing a topic for a classification essay is that you should not miss out on any categories. If you do, you might end up with an inaccurate theory which doesn’t make sense to the reader. The transition from one level to the other must also be sensible and legible. You might find some tips on the various levels of classification to be used in your essay prompt. If so, it will help you a lot to follow those tips or instructions as it would have been given with due consideration to the objective of the particular assignment.

Classification essays cannot be completed overnight. It is a process which needs a lot of time and patience. Taking a look at some essay samples might give you a good idea of how to go about it. If you are still confused, you must consider taking help from your teacher or professional academic writers to complete your essay assignment.

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