Developing a Narrative Essay Topic

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Developing a Narrative Essay Topic

Finding a suitable topic for a narrative assignment is not a difficult task. The tough part is to develop it effectively into a good essay. For those who possess good writing skills, it will come naturally. But for those who are not so good with words and who haven’t inherited any creative genes, narrative essay writing can be quite a challenge. Narratives can get quite boring if not presented well. And whether you are good with words or not, there is no way you can escape narrative assignments, especially if you are a literature student.

There are various approaches you can adopt to a narrative topic. The focus of the topic and the objective of the assignment must be used as the criteria for determining which approach would be the best. Your aim is to bring out the best in the topic without losing the focus. And in a narrative essay, it is absolutely necessary to keep your focus steadily on the right aspect of the topic as narration is a technique which is prone to digressions. Staying clear of all types of digressions is necessary to be able to make your point clear to the reader.

Narrative essays are quite flexible about the writing methods. Hence, unless the guidelines instruct you to follow a particular method, you can choose your own preferred method or approach to the topic. One such approach you can use for developing your topic is to start with a point which is more generalized and then move on to the specific aspect. For example; you may start by talking about how the change in climates and their influence on the moods of people amazed you. You may then move on to a specific climate and how you observed the mood changes in humans which were caused by it.

You may also start with the narrow aspect and take the discussion to the wider realms of the topic. To use the same topic as above to cite an example; start by talking about the particular climate which made you notice the mood swings which were triggered by it. Then move on to say how you always wondered if it was true that climate changes can affect human behavior. Both these approaches can be handled effectively if you know how to develop the story.

There are certain things which you need to ensure while developing a topic. Think of which was it sounds better. Consider your audience or readers. Think of which way it would interest them. If you do not know enough of your readers to evaluate their preferences, then go by your own judgment of which approach would bring the best in the topic. Sometimes you will also need to consider which approach would fulfill the objective of the assignment more satisfactorily.

Developing a narrative essay topic is a time-consuming job. Time, patience and good writing skills are inevitable for preparing an interesting essay using narrative techniques. Taking a look at essay samples would most certainly help you get a better grasp of the technique. But narrative essay writing always comes down to your own creative writing skills. If you need help in preparing your essay assignment, we offer custom essay service as well.

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