Descriptive essay

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Descriptive essay

Descriptive essay deals with explaining something which may be a variety of things like a person, an incident; any object or may be any other tangible and intangible things. It requires being strict with the details at the time when you are writing this type of article. Some form of innovativeness is also necessary at the time when you don’t have to write too much about the subject.

The first point is the proper selection of the subject. If the subject is chosen by your university then there is not too much you can do and you need to follow that instructions, but if you have the liberty to choose your subject then try to choose something which you know better and which is more informative so you can write a varieties of things to impress your professors. We also take care of school essays.

The introduction is the next part of your custom essay paper writing process. After choosing the subject you need to read more and more about the subject to get a good grasp over the subject. You need to think of every different aspect from where you can describe an object, person or incident. You will be amazed when you will do the brain storming that there so many different ways to explain the same thing.

In this type of paper you don’t have any control over the variables and you can’t change them to find different results. Rather your job here is to find all the relevant facts by using different methods and state all the facts as they exist. University essays require style which we deliver at our best.

So as we have stated earlier this type of writing is more about finding all the relevant facts in details and state them with out too much alteration. The main method for collecting primary data in this type of studies is the survey method. The following points are important for understanding the survey method:

a) Surveys are conducted in case of descriptive research studies

b) Survey type research studies usually have larger samples because the percentage of responses generally happens to be low, as low as 20 to 30 percent, especially in mailed questionnaire studies. Thus, the survey method gathers data from a relatively large number of cases at a particular time; it is usually cross sectional.

c) Surveys are conducted with describing, recording, analyzing and interpreting conditions that either exist or existed. The researcher does not manipulate the variable or arrange for events to be happening. Surveys are only concerned with conditions or relationships that exist, opinions that are held, processes that are going on, effects that are evident or trends that are developing. They are primarily concerned with the present but at times do consider past events and influences as they relate to current conditions. Thus, in surveys, variables that exist or have already occurred are selected or observed. College essay paper requires larger survey.

d) Surveys are usually appropriate in case of social and behavioral sciences because many types of behavior that interest the researcher can’t be arranged in a realistic setting.

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