College essay paper

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College essay paper

College essay paper is a very important part of our academic life and we need to be very careful in making a proper writing as this will be a part of our grade. In spite of the importance most of the students really don’t know how to write a proper article. In the coming paragraphs the nuances of writing a proper article and also the background preparation needed for writing will be discussed in details.

To write a university essay the first thing is to choose a proper topic. If the topic is given by your professor then you don’t have to run here and there for choosing a topic. But if the topic needs to be chosen by you then the golden rule is choose something in which you have a good knowledge and something which is new and there is sufficient scope to find something new. A good amount of literature survey is very important for writing a proper article. The literature survey will give you a lot of knowledge in the relevant subject and at the same time it will help to get the idea of writing styles of different authors and how they have approached a certain topic? This step is very important, as this will make you prepare for writing.

Desriptive articles include surveys and fact finding enquiries of different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive article is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present. In social science and business studies we quite often use the tern ex post facto studies for descriptive studies. The main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables; he can only report what has happened or what is happening. We also write science essay like biology essay and others.

Most ex post facto projects are used for descriptive studies in which the researcher seeks to measure such items as, for example, frequency of shopping, preferences of people or similar data. These kinds of studies also include attempts by researchers to discover causes even when they cannot control the variables. Student essay is provided by all of our expert writers in the field they desire.

The methods of research utilized in descriptive studies are survey methods of all kinds, including comparative and co relational methods. In analytical studies your approach will be quite different. Here the facts or information will be already available for you, and you need to analyze them critically and come to a rational solution depending on your findings.

The components of your article will be the cover page, the abstract of the article, the introduction, the main body or literature, the conclusion and the reference section. Some other sections or sub sections can also be included depending on your requirements. The language of the article need to be simple English that everybody can understand. The technical terms or jargons will obviously be a part of your writing but try to use those as restricted as possible. Don’t write the entire section at one length; try to break it into smaller paragraphs.

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