Classification essays

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Classification essays

Classification essays deals with dividing and arranging different items into different categories. To divide different items into different categories you need to identify some common characteristics so that it may be possible for you to sort the different items depending on the common characteristics that you have found.

To sorting things into different categories helps us a lot in our day to day life also. For example in your office if you have a bunch of files, you will be surely like to sort it in some definite pattern, so you can get the right file at the right time. This is equally important in science also. For example in Bio Science or in Physics or Chemistry you can find different categories of items depending on some common characteristics. The cause and effects essay further makes sure that all such categories are identified well.

In Bio-Science the classical system of categorizations divides living organisms into two- the plant kingdom (Plantae) and the animal kingdom (Animalia). In this system, bacteria, antinomycytes, and fungi have always been included in the plant kingdom since they have a cell wall although they are otherwise quite different. Taxonomists in the last few decades have felt that this classification is artificial and quite unsatisfactory. Therefore, there have been attempts during this period to devise systems on the basis of phylogenic relationships. Cancer essay composition is one of our best caterings in this field.

The system currently getting maximum support is that of R.H.Whittaker (1969) which divides organisms into five kingdoms, Monera, Protists, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. So you can clearly see from this example that to make different categories is never easy and you need to be very careful at the time of sorting different categories by some common characteristics. This becomes more difficult when there is different overlapping of characters. Such analysis essay make sure to cater to every item discussed.

To write this kind of writing first you need to find and determine categories of different items. At the time of determining categories take care of all the variables present. Don’t make the whole things to complex by making too many categories. If you go on making too many categories the sorting will become too difficult and the readers will find it extremely difficult to understand your view point for making the categorization. The characteristics which is the determining principle of your categorization needs to be simple to understand and if possible don’t make it too many. Whenever there will be too many characteristics involved in the categorization the chances of overlapping will increase. If giving example is possible then it is always better to give example. It will increase the clarity of your statement.

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Classification essays classify things into different categories on the basis of the nature of the object.

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