Cause and effect essays writing

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Cause and effect essays writing

Guide How To Write Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays deals with the reason of happening an incident and the result or after effect of happening of that incident. This is a kind of analytical writing where we have to analyze the reason and the result of any incident. In this kind of writing the writer has to use facts or information already available and analyze these to make a critical evaluation of the material. They are sometimes argumentative essays in nature.

To write these types of article in a proper way you need to first distinguish the reasons and the results. We can give one example of such incident:

  • Result

Young people want to become film star

  • Reason

Film stars get a lot of money and glamour.

So this is the very fundamental of writing these types of essays. The situation may be more complicated than these when there will be multiple dependent and independent variable.

The layout of the writing should be as follows: the preliminary pages, the main text and the end matter. In its preliminary pages the writing should carry title and date followed by acknowledgement and foreword. The title page can also tell the name of the course, the place of the study and the name and designation of the supervisor. Then there should be a table of contents followed by a list of graphs and charts, if any, given in the main report.

The main text of the writing should have the following parts:

  • Introduction

    It should contain a clear statement of the objective of the research and an explanation of the methodology adopted in accomplishing the research. The scope of the study along with various limitations should be as well being stated in this part. After introduction there would appear a statement of findings and recommendations in non technical language. If the findings are extensive, they should be summarized.

  • Main Body

    The main body of the article should be presented in logical sequence and broken down into readily identifiable sections.

  • Conclusion

    Towards the end of the main text, writer should again put down the results of his research clearly and precisely. In fact, it is the final summing up.

At the end of the report, appendices should be enlisted in respect of all technical data, Bibliography, i.e. list of books, journals, reports etc. consulted should also be given in the end.

The article should be written in a concise and objective style in simple language avoiding vague expressions such as it seems,  there may be and the like. Charts and illustrations in the main report should be used only if they present the information more clearly and forcibly. Such analysis essay is done by our expert writers only.

Writing an article needs a lot of research work besides writing skills. If you need then we can do the full research work and give you the complete article that will be of the best quality, completely original and customized to suit your need.

Cause and effect essays deals with the reason and result of any incident and try to ascertain the causal relationship of different events. We take care of every dimension of college essays.

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