Cancer essay composition

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Cancer essay composition

Cancer essay composition deals with one of the deadliest disease of the world. This disease has been killing thousands of people every year throughout the world. No sure medicines have been discovered till date. In this article we will try to explore the different aspects of this disease in a very simple manner and we will also discuss about the techniques of writing a technical essay on this topic and as a whole.

A tumor is an abnormal mass of tissues, the growth of which exceeds and is uncoordinated with that of normal tissues. This growth persists in the same excessive manner, even after the cessation of the stimuli which evoke the change. Some tumors are benign or harmless, but cancer is a malignant tumor. A cancerous structure is often abnormal bearing no resemblance to the normal cells of a tissue or organ. It has the ugly potentials of rapid growth, invasion and destruction of adjacent structure and metastasis (dissemination or spread) through out the body leading to death of the victim. College essays with us make the most of the scenario.

A few characteristic features of cancerous cells are: a) cells are either many times larger than their neighbors or are extremely small in comparison with the normal cell; b) nuclear cytoplasmic ratio is 1:1 instead of normal 1:4 or 1:6; c) nuclear shape extremely variable; d) large nucleoli present in nuclei; e) a typical or bizarre mitotic figures ( tripolar, quadripolar or multipolar spindles); f) loss of specialized functional characteristics; and g) dissemination or metastasis or spread into vital organs to disrupt their functions. Cancer may be caused by viruses, continuous friction or long exposures to UV light, heat or contact with certain chemicals. Even cigarette smoking increases the incidence of lung cancer. Chewing of tobacco increases the chance of mouth cancer. Sample essays are quite common with us.

Unfortunately no sure medicine has yet been discovered for this deadly disease. Chemotherapy is one method which is used today extensively for curing of this disease. In this method the cancerous cells are destroyed by sending rays. But the problem with this method is that it destroys all the adjacent cells of the cancerous cells. This method is very painful and it has different side effects. It has been found that if the disease can be detected at an early stage then it is curable in 99% of the cases. Student essay is performed for better gain.

There are different symptoms like sudden weight loss with out any reason, sudden change of voice, blood vomiting, sudden increase of ESR level in blood etc. Though you can’t be sure of having this disease if any of these symptoms is present in you, because the reasons for any abnormality in the body can have so many causes. So you need to proper diagnose if you have any fear of having this diseases. Remember that early stage detection can increase your chance of survival in many folds.

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