Basic Features of an Analytical essay

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Basic Features of an Analytical essay

Each type of essay has its own unique objective. Without understanding this aim it is not possible to successfully write an essay. Analytical essays and argumentative essays are two of the most common types of essays that come up in academic assignments. Learning the basic aspects about these will help you throughout your academic period.

Analytical essay writing begins with an in-depth study of the topic. The study has to be detailed and with due attention to every aspect of the topic. In this type of essay you will have to present a detailed analysis of the topic in question. The topic might come to you as a question or a phrase which explains the matter to be studied. You should first comprehend the topic or the question well enough in order to know what aspect of the topic is that which needs to be analyzed.

The base of a good analysis is a thorough understanding of the subject. Even though the guidelines and instructions are different for each given assignment, the objective remains the same for the same types of essays. For the same reason, the method would also be somewhat the same. Certain analytical topics require research whereas certain others need only extensive reading of a particular book or a chapter. This depends on the topic assigned and the guidelines.

The analysis you present would be judged by various factors depending on the topic and the other aspects of the assignment. You will be intimated of those aspects through the guidelines. While writing the analytical essay, you will have to pay attention to the instructions given in the guidelines. Without understanding what your professor expects of you, in that particular assignment, you will not be able to present the topic the way it is expected to be presented.

An analytical essay should have a central analytical statement or analytical thesis. The entire essay would revolve around this. The presented analysis could be your opinion on the topic or another person’s judgment which you agree with. Whatever it is, the theory you present should be proved with necessary explanations and examples. You will have to judge whether the topic you are handling and the theory you are projecting will be better conveyed through definitions or examples. Sources can be used as instructed, for conveying the matter in a better way.

While presenting an analysis, it is also important to evaluate the kind of audience you are asked to address. This also will have to be determined by the instructions given in the guidelines. If your guidelines suggest a particular type of audience, that instruction should be used to ascertain the level of presentation. Your language, you writing style and the terms you use should all be aimed at the audience you are supposed to address.

An analytical essay should project your knowledge and understanding of the topic. It should also be able to help the reader get a very good idea of the matter discussed. When assigned an essay of analytical nature, remember to keep aside enough time for extensive reading.

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