An effective Argumentative Research Paper Conclusion

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An effective Argumentative Research Paper Conclusion

The conclusion is the last paragraph of a research paper which often gets somewhat ignored. By the time the students reach the concluding paragraph they would have been through a very long process of research and research paper writing. They will be too tired and in a hurry to wind up the process. Also, as all the points have all been discussed elaborately, it leaves the feeling of having written as much as was necessary. But a research paper conclusion is as important as an introduction. The nature and style of the conclusion varies according to the type of assignment. An argumentative research paper conclusion must wind up the argument effectively and impressively.

The importance of the conclusion of your argumentative research paper rests on the fact that an argument which has not been closed cannot be considered proved. A successful argument will be completely and neatly wound up. Hence unless you put together a conclusion which is good enough, your argumentative assignment may not manage to make the impact you hoped for.

The conclusion of your argumentative assignment would emphasize on the fact that the details given in the body paragraphs are good enough to prove your theory. It will reinstate the thesis stated in the introduction of the research paper with much more authority and confidence. It will also make it clear to the audience that you are through with all that you have got to say and there is nothing more to add. The worst thing you can do to a research paper is to leave the reader looking for the rest of the pages after you have concluded it.

Considering the fact that you cannot add post scripts in a research paper, the conclusion becomes your final chance to emphasize upon your theory. But do not misunderstand that you can dump all the forgotten points in the conclusion. There are certain very important aspects which apply to all the conclusions including that of an argumentative research paper.

1. It should not contain any fresh points

2. It should be a short paragraph of not more than five to six lines.

3. It should contain a summary of the main points in the research paper.

4. It should reinstate the theory stated in the introduction.

5. It should wind up the discussion fully.

6. The final line should clearly possess a ‘final’ tone.

While summarizing the main points for your research paper conclusion, remember that you cannot stretch the paragraph too long. It must be short, precise and crisp. In the conclusion, the thesis should be stated with enough supporting points unlike the introduction where the research thesis will be stated plainly.

An effective argumentative research paper conclusion will not leave anything more to be argued on about your theory. It will clearly indicate that the discussion has been successfully proved. It is necessary to know the basics of research paper writing, to be able to frame the various parts of the research paper structure impressively. If you are not confident with your writing skills, you can also opt to get a custom research paper written according to your preferences.

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