5 Paragraph Essay Writing

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5 Paragraph Essay Writing

It is time for you to write something really special, something that will make your parents and teachers proud. And the structure is a key ingredient, in this case. For this trick, you should learn 5 paragraph essay format. You can look for some 5 paragraph essay example and 5 paragraph essay writing tips to understand what you are dealing with. It will be easy to write sample 5 paragraph essay after learning few main steps. Simple 5 paragraph essay is very specific task to do, but it can be really easy after writing a 5 paragraph essay for the first time. To learn how to write a 5 paragraph essay you should look through 5 paragraph essay template.

You should include your thesis statement into your introduction paragraph. It should unite all your arguments.

Here are some main tips that will help you deal with such specific paper as 5 paragraph essay.

Start with an outline

If you want to stay on point, you should create an outline. Make it simple and clear to be helpful. Do it right before you start writing, actually. You can start your outline with pointing these few main subheads. Also, write down some interesting ideas from your research.

  • Introductory Paragraph/Thesis Statement
  • First Paragraph
  • Second Paragraph
  • Third Paragraph
  • Conclusion

Forecast your arguments in a thesis statement

You should include your thesis statement into your introduction paragraph. It should unite all your arguments.

Present your best argument first

When the second paragraph comes, you should present your best argument. It will help you improve the whole picture of your paper.

Wrap up your arguments

After structuring the body paragraphs, you should make conclusion. Here you can restate your arguments. You can even repeat some words from your introduction, actually. The case is that your conclusion is your last chance to speak to your reader and prove your ideas. But, you should never introduce any new ideas here.

Rest, then review with fresh eyes

So, when you’ve completed your essay, you should have some rest, actually. Put your paper away for some time. Then do proofreading with your fresh eyes and mind. At this time you can have three or even five versions of your draft. It is quite normal. Write until you are satisfied. You can ask your friend to do proofreading for you too. It will show you also the other point of view and readers’ opinion on your paper. It can be really useful.

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