5 Paragraph Essay Outlines

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5 Paragraph Essay Outlines

5 paragraph essay outline and its components

A 5 paragraph essay assignment is a rather common method of assessment. These essays, as they are comparatively short, will help the teachers to get an accurate understanding of the students’ writing skills. A 5 paragraph essay would involve presenting the matter efficiently through a limited number of paragraphs. And when restricted, there are very few who manage to write effectively. Hence, you can say that writing a 5 paragraph essay requires reasonably good writing skills. Studying 5 paragraph essay outlines will help you get an idea of the structure.

There is no compromising with the introduction or the conclusion of your essay as those two paragraphs are mandatory in all writing assignments. The body paragraphs, as you will find out from the 5 paragraph essay outline below, is where you will be cutting down. In a 5 paragraph essay, you cannot accommodate more or less than three body paragraphs.

• The first paragraph, the introduction, must be prepared in such a way that it will get your reader familiar enough with your topic. Give all the necessary information on the topic. That will avoid the need of wasting space for the purpose in your body paragraphs. Then go on to give a hint of the points you would be discussing in your body paragraphs. Since it is a 5 paragraph essay, you will have three main points to mention. Do that in a precise manner, without giving away too much. State your thesis clearly.

• The first body paragraph should elaborate the first main point. Cover all the points related to the first point in the same paragraph. Do not leave a chance for you to need to write on the same point in another paragraph, except to link it to another point. Transit smoothly to the next paragraph.

• The second body paragraph would discuss the second point. As you move to the second point, you might have more to say as you would have reached the mid-point of the essay. Give enough examples to convey your point. Again, cover all the necessary aspects of the second main point within this paragraph before moving smoothly to the next one.

• The third body paragraph would be the final part of your body. Hence you must complete discussing all the important points within this paragraph itself. This is also the paragraph from which you will move to the conclusion. Hence, you must be very clear about the facts you put across. Once you are sure of having conveyed all the necessary facts, move to the conclusion.

• The concluding paragraph should contain a summary of all the main points. It should also reinstate the thesis you stated in the introduction. The last line of the concluding paragraph must wind up the discussion effectively with emphasis to the fact that you have conveyed your point successfully.

You can write an impressive 5 paragraph essay, if you know how to organize the points well. While referring to 5 paragraph essay outlines, remember that the contents of the paragraphs would differ according to the matter you need to convey. If you are not feeling sure of the best way to present your points through a 5 paragraph essay, you have another option. We offer custom essays to students who wish to opt for it. Our expert academic writers can prepare an outstanding 5 paragraph essay for you, on your topic or prepare a 5 paragraph essay outline specifically for your assignment.

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