What is grande taille?

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What is grande taille?

Any Reverso model with a case measuring between 42 and 43 mm tall by 25.5 and 26.5 mm wide can properly be called a “Grande Taille” (“Large Size”) model. Those with a taller case, 45 to 50 mm tall by 27 to 30 mm, are referred to as “Grande” while smaller models are called “Classique”.

Is Jaeger LeCoultre better than Cartier?

The Cartier brand is not as prestigious as Jaeger-LeCoultre. Cartier is considered a jewelry brand while JLC is a high horology brand. Watches from Cartier generally have a lower resale value than those from Jaeger-LeCoultre. Of course like every brand this is not a blanket statement and depends on the watch.

Is a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso waterproof?

Three years later, JLC introduced their first water-resistant Reverso. While the original Reverso case was made of approximately 30 parts, the modern cases feature 50+ parts, making it one of the most complicated watch cases ever produced.

Do Cartier Santos hold their value?

Whether you’re a fan of the Tank, the racing-induced Drive de Cartier or the pilot inspired Santos watch, Cartier watches will always hold their value since each one is a prime example of the brand’s expert craftsmanship and horological know-how.

How does the Reverso work?

Reverso Context is an online and mobile application combining big data from large multilingual corpora to allow users to search for translations in context. The Reverso Context app also provides language-learning features such as flashcards based on words in example sentences.

What is a Reverso watch?

The JLC Reverso Watch The Reverso watch is a classic art deco model with a rectangular face that is flippable and the name being inspired by the Latin word reverso, which means “turn around.”

How durable is the Reverso?

The stainless steel case of the Reverso Tribute Small Seconds is refined in its utility. Just 8.5mm thick, reassuringly sturdy and water-resistant to 3 bar — not that this matters on the polo field, particularly — it is a small triumph of engineering.

How long is Jaeger-LeCoultre warranty?

eight years
Jaeger-LeCoultre has extended the manufacturer warranty on all its watches to eight years, which beats the industry standard by six years and surpasses any other manufacturer’s warranty by three years.

Is it worth it to buy Cartier watch?

Most people view Cartier as a luxury fashion and jewelry brand instead of an actual watchmaker. However, if we were to look back into history, Cartier actually started out as a watchmaker. And being the pioneer in the watchmaking industry, Cartier watches are simply timeless and are definitely worth the investment.

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