What is a dashboard in Cognos?

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What is a dashboard in Cognos?

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded gives developers a way to embed an intuitive, drag-and-drop visualization tool, providing end users the ability to explore data and create visualizations that answer the unique questions important to your business.

How do I create a Cognos dashboard?

At the bottom left of your screen, you will see a ‘New’ button which gives you quick access to build a report or dashboard and create a data module. You then just click the ‘New’ icon then select ‘Dashboard’ and you will see a choice of dashboard templates available.

How do I create a dashboard in Cognos analytics?

Creating a dashboard

  1. Click the New icon. and then click Dashboard.
  2. Select a template to use and click OK. Predefined templates contain grid lines for easy arrangement and alignment of visualizations and other elements.

What is dashboard and Analytics?

An Analytics Dashboard is a collection of widgets which allow a quick visualization of data. A dashboard is a reporting interface which allows the website analysts to easily monitor the performance of a website by tracking the various metrics like online conversions, visitors, and page views.

How do you create a dashboard in Cognos 11?

1 – On the Cognos Analytics home page, tap the New icon at the bottom of the window and click on Dashboard….Procedure:

  1. Click on any white space in the column visualization. A toolbar appears.
  2. Click on the Change visualization icon in the toolbar.
  3. Under More, choose the Pie Chart icon.

What is active report Cognos?

IBM Cognos Active Report is a report output type that provides a highly interactive and easy-to-use managed report. Active reports are built for business users, allowing them to explore their data and derive additional insight. Active reports make business intelligence easier for the casual user.

How do I rename my dashboard in Cognos?

Navigate to the report and click the ‘More’ icon beside its name. From the menu, select ‘Properties. a) Hover the mouse over the report name and click the ‘Edit’ icon that appears beside it. b) Type the new name of the report and press enter on the keyboard to confirm the change..

How do I make a pie chart in Cognos analytics?


  1. Open the Units Sold report.
  2. Click the chart button. on the toolbar.
  3. In the Chart type box, click Pie.
  4. Click 100 Percent.
  5. Select the Show the values on the chart check box.
  6. In Show the following in the report, click Chart only, and then click OK.
  7. Click the save as button. on the toolbar.
  8. In the Name box, type.

How to create a dashboard in Cognos Analytics?

Create the dashboard on the data set or create a data module from the data set. Name things you want them to be displayed on the dashboard in the data module or in a dashboard calculation. As of 11.1, you can’t rename data items in dashboards yet.

Who is the author of Cognos Report studio?

Abhishek Sanghani has been working in the Reporting and Analytics area for 16 years, delivering countless reporting solutions, using Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos Analytics tools. He has authored books on Cognos Report Studio, and video courses for Dashboards and ‘Beyond Dashboard’.

Which is the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics?

Cognos Analytics v11.1 R5 is the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics. Its cloud version is now within the reach of individuals and small enterprises. Cognos Analytics is popular with big organizations, such as banks and pharmaceutical companies, as their enterprise tool for reporting and analytics.

Which is the best way to use Cognos data?

Google is a good source to figure out how to best use them. Do not use percentage bar charts with data with large ranges. It will inflate the importance of a few individuals. Cities do not make good geographic data points unless the area is small, or you are looking at a small number of cities.

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