Are ventless heaters good?

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Are ventless heaters good?

Vent free (unvented) heaters are 99% energy efficient! That’s because all of the usable heat energy goes into the space. No heat is wasted through a flue to the outside air. Therefore, they cost just pennies an hour to operate and can save consumers a bundle in heating costs during the cold months.

What is a blue flame propane heater?

Blue flame heating is a great way to bring calming warmth to your home. Ventless propane wall heaters are also available (and can be used with natural gas). The blue flame heating technology heats any room quickly and efficiently. Since they do not require outside venting, no heat is lost.

Are blue flame propane heaters safe?

Dyna-Glo wall heaters are the ideal choice for safe, indoor supplemental heating. Using blue flame heating technology, heat is distributed similar to your central home heating system. This Blue Flame Wall Heater burns with 99.9% efficiency, and operates on Propane only.

Are blue flame or infrared heaters better?

Infrared heaters radiate heat with infrared rays, just like the sun. Blue Flame heaters typically work better in insulated areas, while Infrared heaters may work better in un-insulated areas as they will heat objects before the air.

Which flame is hotter blue or red?

Although red usually means hot or danger, in fires it indicates cooler temperatures. While blue represents cooler colors to most, it is the opposite in fires, meaning they are the hottest flames. When all flame colors combine, the color is white-blue which is the hottest.

Do indoor propane heaters need to be vented?

Vent-free propane space heaters require neither venting nor ductwork to operate, and both are available in a variety of capacities to suit just about any home or work space.

Can you vent a ventless gas heater?

Ventless gas heaters, however, do not use such a vent; instead, they simply vent the heated combustion exhaust directly into the room in which they are placed, and provide a much more effective heat source as a result.

How safe are ventless gas heaters?

There are safety concerns, and building scientists point out that ventless heaters can damage homes if they’re not sized or used correctly. Ventless heaters exhaust 100 percent of their combustion products into the house. This means chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and water vapor enter the house air.

What makes a heater ventless?

Ventless gas heaters are room-heating furnaces that do not vent air to the outside of the house. Instead, the oxygen that is needed to fuel the combustion process for heat is taken from the air inside of the room in which the unit is placed, and the resulting heat is vented back out directly from the unit.

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