Is Skoda Octavia a good car in India?

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Is Skoda Octavia a good car in India?

Pricey but plush new Octavia is great to drive and be driven in. If there is a hurdle, it would be the price. The new Octavia is considerably more expensive, with a starting price of Rs 25.99 lakh and going up to Rs 28.99 lakh (ex-showroom, India) for the fully-loaded L&K and that could make some buyers baulk.

Are Skoda cars reliable in India?

Skoda cars are greatly Reliable These cars are highly reliable, be it the engine or the interiors, Skoda can never disappoint on the basis of reliability. This is one of the reasons that the service for Skoda cars is known to be a bit expensive.

Is Skoda Octavia worth buying?

Cabin Quality & Features – Skoda has really worked its magic on the 2021 Octavia. In terms of quality, the cabin is very premium and soft-touch materials have been used well. Ride Quality – Unlike the previous generation Octavia, the new model is a bit softer and thus has better ride quality at low speeds.

Why is Skoda so cheap?

The Czech salaries have been lower primarily because of communism that made Czechs poorer, of course. So Škoda has been producing “almost identical cars” as their Volkswagen counterparts since 1991 and this model has worked very well so far.

Is Skoda repair expensive?

In every segment Skoda competes in, it claims its cars are among the least expensive to service. “Comparative data sourced from manufacturer websites busts the myth that all European cars are more expensive to maintain than those from Korea or Japan,” Skoda Australia director Michael Irmer said.

Is Skoda cheap to maintain?

Servicing is cheaper than many rivals and Skoda has a fixed price scheme for cars over three years old where an oil change is £184, along with periodic intervals for the air filter (£45), pollen filter (£35) and – where equipped – diesel fuel filter (£59).

What is the price of Skoda Octavia in India?

Skoda Octavia [2001-2010] Price (GST Rates) in India starts at ₹ 10.40 Lakh. Check out Skoda Octavia [2001-2010] Colours, Review, Images and Octavia [2001-2010] Variants On Road Price at

What kind of reliability does the Skoda Octavia have?

Overall, Skoda has an impressive reliability record, often finishing at the top of ownership satisfaction surveys. However, with the earliest models of this Octavia now well over a decade old, it’s perhaps not surprising that its overall score in the What Car?

When did the Skoda Mk2 Octavia come out?

The Skoda brand has been rehabilitated. These days it’s rare to find people cracking jokes about Skodas, as most know that they are seriously well built cars and the original 2004 to 2009 MK2 Octavia model was one that tested the limits of the marque’s newfound desirability.

When did the Skoda Octavia GreenLine come out?

2009 brought a facelift to the Octavia with exterior revisions including revised headlights and upgraded interiors sporting a higher quality feel. The Octavia GreenLine was launched in the summer of 2009 with a 1.6-litre common-rail diesel engine capable of 64mpg on the combined cycle.

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