How much does it cost to go to Magic Springs in Arkansas?

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How much does it cost to go to Magic Springs in Arkansas?

What is the price of a General Admission Day Ticket? $59. + tax at the gate every Saturday, $49. + tax at the gate Sunday-Friday.

What’s open at Magic Springs?

July 22, 1978
Magic Springs/Opened

How many rides are in Magic Springs?

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls

Total 27
Roller coasters 5
Water rides 2

Does Magic Springs have a lazy river?

Relaxing in the Lazy River @ Crystal Falls – Picture of Magic Springs Theme and Water Park, Hot Springs.

What is the biggest water park in Arkansas?

Wild River Country
Wild River Country | Arkansas’ Largest Water Park | North Little Rock, AR.

Does Arkansas have an amusement park?

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, summer vacation, spring break spot, or family destination, Arkansas has it all. Or you can bring the family to the Funland Amusement Park in North Little Rock for a full day of fun.

Is Magic Springs plus size friendly?

Magic Springs Theme and Water Park is the perfect outing for any group. Between our thrilling rides, fantastic water slides, amazing attractions, and spectacular concerts there’s something exciting for people of all ages and groups of all sizes.

What is the biggest Water Park in Arkansas?

How old is Magic Springs?

Magic Springs opened on July 22, 1978, and later added the water park in 2000. According to a Magic Springs history website, the park closed in 1995 and reopened in 2000, along with the addition of the water park. Magic Springs has 20 rides and nine water-park attractions and pools.

How old do you have to be to work at Magic Springs?

16 and older
Magic Springs is hiring individuals ages 16 and older to fill a variety of positions in the departments listed. Please fill out the online application or be prepared to fill out an application upon arrival.

Does Arkansas have a amusement park?

Is Wild River Country shutting down?

The park never opened in 2020. Court records show the park’s former owners struggled to pay taxes over the past decade. According to our partners at Arkansas Business, JTS Capital Group of Waco, Texas recovered Wild River Country late last year at a $1.5 million foreclosure sale.

Are there any hotels in Magic Springs Arkansas?

Magic Springs hotels are the perfect place to stay for a fun vacation convenient to one of Arkansas’ best attractions. From lakeside inns, campgrounds, and bed and breakfasts to cheap hotels and more luxurious resorts, there are plenty of choices for hotels near Magic Springs Crystal Falls, no matter what your tastes and budget.

Which is the best hotel to stay in in hot springs?

Both the Park Hotel and Hot Springs Village offer Magic Springs packages that include discounted day passes included with your reservation. At the Embassy Suites Hot Springs, this hotel and spa is located in Hot Springs National Park and offers first class service to its guests.

Are there any hotels near Magic Springs Crystal Falls?

An outstanding example of superior hotels near Magic Springs Crystal Falls is Hot Springs Village. Guests have golf, tennis, boating, and skiing on eight lakes, beaches, two full-service marinas, walking and hiking trails, swimming pools, and a fitness center.

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