How do I claim my Kent warranty?

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How do I claim my Kent warranty?

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  1. • Enter your registered mobile number. • Select the kind of Service/Repair/Installation.
  2. – All KENT RO water purifiers come with 1 year warranty and 3 years free AMC* service. The product warranty will be applicable from the date of installation of the product.

Is Kent is Indian company?

Kent RO Systems is an Indian multinational healthcare products company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It makes water purifiers based on the process of reverse osmosis purification. The company exports to SAARC countries, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

What is the service charge for Kent RO?

Kent RO Service Charges:

Service type Charges
Kent RO Installation Start from Rs.499/-
Kent RO Uninstallation Start from Rs.299/-
Kent RO Basic Service/Repair Start from Rs.299/-
Kent RO AMC Start from Rs.999/-

What is the maintenance cost of RO water purifier?

The cost of maintenance thus comes out to be as low as 30 paise per litre. So if your water usage is higher this could be the best water purifier for you!

What is the warranty period of Kent RO?

All the water purifier from KENT, come with a warranty period of 1 year from the date of installation. In addition, KENT also provides free service of 3 years for all the RO water purifiers.

Which is better Kent or aquaguard?

Conclusion. Both Kent and Aquaguard water purifiers irrespective of their models are good products. In terms of water purifiers (product-wise), Kent scores better as it offers superior technology. In terms of brand, we do feel Aquaguard is a better brand than Kent after considering all the key factors.

Who is the CEO of Kent?

Mahesh Gupta
Mahesh Gupta Chairman & Managing Director, Kent RO Systems Ltd. Mr. Mahesh Gupta, a first generation entrepreneur, is known worldwide for revolutionizing the water purification industry in India.

Which is better Kent or pureit?

Most of its purifiers have 7 stages of purification including stages like UV light and Alkaline which are usually absent in the purifiers from the other 2 brands. So,in this comparison, Kent wins. In this comparison, Pureit ranks last on our list as Pureit purifiers come with 4-7 stages of purification method.

What is Kent 4 years free service?

“The four year free service will also help us gain customers’ confidence as they will not switch to local and unreliable servicing alternatives as the consumer will have access to free quality and professional service and genuine spares.

Who is the founder of Kent Water Purifier?

The company was founded, in the year of 1999 by Mahesh Gupta. The headquarters of Kent company is based in Noida city. The brand has several dealers and showroom in all around India.

Which is the best water purifier in India?

Kent is one of the prestigious brand of water purifier of the country. Kent is the brand of Kent RO Systems Limited. It is publicly established an Indian company which provides healthcare and consumer durable electronic gadgets in the market. The company was founded, in the year of 1999 by Mahesh Gupta.

What does Kent air purifier do for You?

KENT presents its state-of-the-art HEPA Technology equipped Air Purifiers which kills viruses present in the air. This ensures that you and your family have an access to clean and pure indoors completely free from pollutants like dust, smoke, pollution and pollens.

Which is the best Kent dealer in India?

We have a strong network of dealers throughout the country. KENT RO Systems,a leading name in the healthcare industry, aims to provide our customers with the best possible experience. KENT RO Systems is located across the country and you can easily find the nearest dealer.

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