What is a Penton motorcycle?

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What is a Penton motorcycle?

Penton was a rebadged American brand of off-road enduro motorcycles designed by John Penton and manufactured by KTM in Austria for distribution in the United States between 1968 and 1978. …

What happened to Penton motorcycles?

Penton also sold trailers and ignitions and ran a dealership, all with the help of his extended family. Today, the dealership and Hi-Point have long since been sold. KTM and Husky have kissed and made up, and the motorcycle industry is mature.

Who made ATK motorcycles?

Cannondale Motorsports
ATK would continue to sell their 450MX bikes and ATV’s in various trim through 2008….ATK Cannondale Era.

Manufacturer Cannondale Motorsports
Predecessor Cannondale X400
Successor ATK 440
Class Motorcycle
Engine Cannondale 432 cc (26.4 cu in) Liquid cooled 4-valve four-stroke single

Are Maico motorcycles still made?

Modern open-class dirt-bikes are still being produced under the Maico brandname The ATK Intimidator dirt-bike (reportedly the most powerful production two-stroke motorcycle available aside from Maico’s own motorcycles) features a Maico motor. Several changes to the motorcycles occurred during these years.

Where were Sachs manufactured?

Sachs Motorcycles was a subsidiary producing motorcycles, mopeds, motorised bicycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)….Sachs Motorcycles.

Formerly Nuremberg Hercules-Werke SACHS Fahrzeug-und Motorentechnik GmbH
Headquarters Germany
Products Motorcycles
Website sachs-bikes.cc

What does ATK motorcycles stand for?

Anti-Tension Kettenantrieb
ATK stands for Anti-Tension Kettenantrieb, which in English translates to Anti-Chain Tension (which would have made it the ACT 406).

Does KTM use Rotax engines?

The Can-Am motorcycle operation was outsourced to Armstrong-CCM Motorcycles in 1983, with production ending in 1987. Motorcycle manufacturers using Rotax engines, either Rotax-branded or branded for the OEM, include Aprilia, BMW (F and G series), Buell and KTM.

Where are zundapp motorcycles made?

After the bankruptcy, the entire production line and intellectual properties were bought by Xunda Motor Co., Tianjin, China. They produced small Zündapp motorcycles from 1987 till the early 1990s. Zündapp is still in business but makes Honda based 4-stroke motorcycles and electric mopeds.

How much is a ATK Intimidator?


Suggested List Price Low Retail
Base Price $7,995 $750
Options (Change)
Total Price $7,995 $750

When did John Penton make his first bike?

Penton introduced the bike at the Stone Mountain Enduro near Atlanta in 1968. It was a 125 with Ceriani suspension, and it weighed 185 pounds. It had a flawed transmission and a restrictive airbox, but it demonstrated that John had the right idea.

Where can I buy a Penton motorcycle for sale?

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What kind of motor did John Penton use?

The first two Pentons were the Berkshire 100 and the Six-Day 125. They both used Sachs motors, but almost immediately John started pressuring the KTM factory to make a motor of its own. That didn’t happen until 1972 when the Jackpiner arrived.

What do the engine numbers on a Penton motorcycle mean?

Engine Numbers: The engine case has the number stamped on it on the ignition side. The first number is the model year and the next two numbers tell the size of the motor.

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