What is Afatds army?

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What is Afatds army?

The Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) is the Fire Support Command and Control (C2) system employed by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps units to provide automated support for planning, coordinating, controlling and executing fires and effects.

How much is an Afatds?


Army ACAT II Program: Prime Contractor
Total Number of Systems: 3,012 Raytheon
Total Program Cost (TY$): $713.6M
Average Unit Cost (TY$): $160K
Full-rate production: 1QFY96

What is a fire support task?

Just as maneuver tasks use task and purpose, fire support tasks are defined by the task, purpose, method, and effects (TPME) thought process. TPME may be used by the FSC to develop the concept of fires that is concise but specific enough to clearly state what fires are to accomplish in the operation.

What is an LFED?

Lightweight Forward Entry Device (LFED) hosts the Forward Observer System (FOS) software, which enables mounted forward observers and fire support officers to plan, control and execute fire support operations at maneuver platoon, company, and battalion and brigade levels across the mounted formation.

What is a Link 16 network?

Link 16 is a standardized communications system used by U.S., NATO, and Coalition forces for transmitting and exchanging real time tactical data using links between allied military network participants, also known as TADIL J.

What is C2PC USMC?

Developed for the U.S. Marine Corps, C2PC displays the COP from a Global Command and Control System (GCCS)-based server or tactical data from other C2PC workstations. Users can view and edit the COP, apply overlays, display imagery, send and receive tactical messages and gain overall battlefield situational awareness.

What is the group of army called?

A troop is a group of soldiers within a cavalry or armoured regiment.

How should fire support controls be labeled?

All measures are labeled with the title or abbreviated title of the measure followed by the establishing headquarters (in parentheses). The significance of identifying the establishing headquarters is that it designates the area where the FSCM applies.

What is JBC P?

The Joint Battle Command – Platform (JBC-P) is a networked mission command. information system that enables Army and Marine Corps’ units to share near real-time friendly, enemy, and battlefield situational awareness, operational maps and graphics, and command and. control (C2) messages.

How is afatds used in the US Army?

AFATDS provides the Army, Navy and Marine Corps with automated fire-support command, control and communications. It is used to plan, execute and deliver lethal and nonlethal effects. AFATDS also provides joint/coalition situational awareness for fires execution and mission management.

What is the advanced field artillery tactical data system ( afatds )?

The Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) provides fully automated support for planning, coordinating, controlling and executing fires and effects such as mortars, field artillery cannons, rockets and missiles, close air support, attack aviation and naval surface fire-support systems.

What kind of server does afatds work on?

AFATDS also acts as a fire support “server” to LAN-based and Tactical Internet-based clients, including the AFATDS Effects Management Tool (EMT), and the USMC Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC) EMT.

Where can I find the army publishing Directorate form?

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