Can you hunt Kansas wildlife areas?

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Can you hunt Kansas wildlife areas?

Hunts are being offered on 21 Wildlife Areas, 6 State Parks, 3 State Fishing Lakes, 2 Private Lands, 3 County owned properties, 2 National Wildlife Refuges, and 1 Corps of Engineers Lake. Special Hunts occur on areas not open to unlimited hunting.

Is Kansas good for hunting?

KANSAS OFFERS SOME OF THE BEST HUNTING IN THE NATION. The state is known as the land of the giants and is recognized as the Top 3 States for Pheasant & Quail. Hunt deer, upland game, waterfowl and more. Learn where to hunt in Kansas, how to get your hunting license, and when Kansas hunting seasons are open.

How long is Melvern Lake?

9650 feet
The dam is 188 feet high, is 9650 feet long at its crest, and is owned and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The reservoir it creates, Melvern Lake, has a water surface of 10.8 square miles and a maximum capacity of 363,000 acre-feet, although normal storage is 154,000 acre-feet.

How do you hunt Cheyenne Bottoms?

Registration can be done any time prior to the first hunt by logging on to click registration. Once you have obtained the General Access Permit you can log in from a computer or smart phone or call 1-844-500-0825 to ‘check-in’. Once checked in you are ready to hunt.

What part of Kansas has the biggest deer?

Nemaha, Lyon, Marshall, Pottawatomie and Reno counties take home the top spots in the non-typical category with 21 entries. I saw the largest public land whitetail of my life in Kansas. The deer was every bit of 190 inches with a 24- to 25-inch inside spread.

What is the deepest lake in Kansas?

Tuttle Creek Lake

Tuttle Creek Lake
Max. depth 15 m (50 ft)
Water volume 0.41 km3 (0.098 cu mi) (normal level)
Shore length1 160 km (100 mi)
Surface elevation 328 m (1075 ft)

Is Melvern Lake open for swimming?

The beach will remain closed until further notice. Blue-green algae is highly toxic to people and animals, so direct contact with affected water – like swimming, wading and water-skiing — is strongly discouraged. We will keep you updated on the situation on KVOE, and KVOE social media.

Does hunting benefit Cheyenne Bottoms?

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area is a premiere destination for waterfowl hunters. Hunting pressure on the Bottoms can be heavy during waterfowl season, particularly on weekends. Snipe and rail hunting is good along the shallow marsh margins. Quail and deer are also present in fair numbers.

Can you fish at Cheyenne Bottoms?

Fishing at Cheyenne Bottoms is limited mainly to carp and bullheads. Occasionally channel cat, crappie and largemouth bass are found if several years of water is maintained. Trapping is permitted on the wildlife area. Special permit are required and available at the area office free of charge.

What is the biggest buck ever shot in Kansas?

Butcher’s score of 321 3/8 inches also demolished the Kansas archery non-typical whitetail record of 264 1/8 inches, shot by Dale Larson in 1998 in Pottawatomie County. For firearms, the current state’s record non-typical whitetail score is 280 4/8 inches, recorded in 1987 by Joseph Waters in Shawnee County.

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