Is Setsuna dead in Yashahime?

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Is Setsuna dead in Yashahime?

Setsuna is the first main character to die in the entire series; Tenseiga however can revive her since it’s considered her first time dying in Sesshōmaru’s Daughter.

Is I am setsuna a good game?

The young girl Setsuna is chosen as the next forfeit. Couple this with a few hidden side missions towards the end of the game and I Am Setsuna has all the groundwork of a great role-playing game in terms of its plot, characters and world building; yet it doesn’t build upon this to his its full potential.

What happened to Setsuna in Yashahime?

Initially, it seems as though this will be typical Yashahime, with Towa powering up and saving the day. Instead, in a shocking moment, Setsuna lands a blow on Kirinmaru– and is then struck down by him.

Is Towa stronger than Setsuna?

Throughout the series, Towa has shown to be more capable than Setsuna and Moroha at exhibiting powerful bursts of power when needed.

Does sesshomaru love Rin?

Showing her intent at wanting to stay with him. Sesshōmaru’s desire to protect Jaken and Rin—even at the expense of his pride—proves he really does love them. They eventually married each other. Sesshomaru and Rin have fraternal twin daughters together, Towa and Setsuna.

Who is the most powerful in Inuyasha?

As Inuyasha’s number one arch-enemy, Naraku is the strongest villain in the animated series.

How long am I on setsuna?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 132 20h 33m
Main + Extras 107 26h 54m
Completionists 39 47h 47m
All PlayStyles 278 26h 49m

Is Lost Sphear a sequel to I Am Setsuna?

Lost Sphear plays as a spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna, which in itself was created to emulate the style of 1990’s JRPGs. The game features a retooled variant of the Active Time Battle system found in I Am Setsuna, Chrono Trigger, and older Final Fantasy titles.

Does Koga marry Ayame?

InuYasha The Final Act Following the defeat of Naraku, Kōga moves on from Kagome, and ultimately keeps his promise to Ayame and they finally marry, which Ginta and Hakaku find quite amusing while making jokes. Following this, Kōga became the chief of a now-unified Wolf Demon Tribe.

Is Towa a girl in Yashahime?

Towa Higurashi is one of the titular protagonists of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. She is the daughter of Sesshomaru and Rin, and also the older twin sister of Setsuna. in the English version.

Who is sesshomaru in love with?

It’s often argued that Chapter 470 “Compassionate Heart” of the manga proves Sesshomaru loves Rin with his tenacity in literally going to Hell for her sake, showing emotional distraught when she doesn’t revive, and brushing a comforting hand over her head when she is restored.

What kind of body does Setsuna have?

Setsuna is a short demi-human girl with blue-ish hair. While most of her body is human-like, her legs are covered in fur, her feet are wolf paws, her forearms are covered with fur. She also has a pair of lupine ears with grey ends and a large tail. Her womanly parts were described to be the same as those of humans and beautiful by Freya.

Why is Setsuna so protective of her violin?

Setsuna is protective of the violin given to her by her aunt-in-law Moe; a small soft spot in her otherwise stern demeanor. She also regularly patrols the half-demon village she grew up in to protect them from demons that seek to harm the inhabitants.

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Why is Setsuna not a full fledged Yokai?

As a hanyō, Setsuna cannot fully tap into the powers granted by her demonic blood, putting her at a disadvantage compared to a full-fledged yōkai. However, it is revealed in Episode 13 that Miroku placed a seal on her to keep her demonic blood at bay. Nevertheless, Setsuna is still shown to be far stronger than most yōkai.

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