Does Walmart still have a $4 prescription list?

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Does Walmart still have a $4 prescription list?

The Walmart $4 Prescriptions Program may be the most well-known of these programs….What medications are included on Walmart’s $4 list?

$4 (30-day supply) $10 (90-day supply)
Atorvastatin 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg 30 tablets 90 tablets
$15 (30-day supply) $40 (90-day supply)
Clopidogrel 75 mg 30 tablets 90 tablets

How much is metoprolol at Walmart?

Walmart $4 List Updated June 2020

Heart Health & Blood Pressure $9 (30 Day Qty) $24 (90 Day Qty)
LOSARTAN 25MG, 50MG, 100MG 30 90
TORSEMIDE 20MG, 100MG 30 90

How much does atorvastatin cost without insurance?

What is the cost of atorvastatin without insurance? The cost of atorvastatin without insurance starts at $9.23* for 30 tablets, 40mg using an RxSaver coupon. The price of atorvastatin and its brand medication Lipitor varies by pharmacy and location.

How much does GoodRx cost per month?

How much is a GoodRx Gold membership? GoodRx Gold is free for 30 days, after which you’ll pay $5.99 per month for individuals. For families, choose our $9.99 per month plan and add up to 5 family members, including pets. GoodRx Gold is an excellent way to save for any family that takes multiple prescriptions.

Who is cheaper Walmart or CVS?

Retail giant Walgreens has nearly 8,000 locations in the U.S., and CVS has approximately 7,400. With so many stores nationwide, it’s no surprise that both chains are raking in sales.

Which is better Walmart or target?

In terms of profitability, Target seems to perform better than Walmart and, in some instances, the sector overall. Target beats Walmart in both gross profit margin and net profit margin.

What is the Walmart prescription program?

Walmart’s Prescription Program. Prescription Program includes up to a 30-day supply for $4 and a 90-day supply for $10 of some covered generic drugs at commonly prescribed dosages.

What is Walmart 4 List?

Walmart 4 Dollar List. The Walmart 4 dollar list has saved consumers over $3 billion since it was implemented. There is no membership required to participate in this program. It is free for everyone to use. The list contains prescription drugs from the following categories: Asthma, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Digestion, Heart Health & Blood Pressure,…

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