What is a good time for 2 mile?

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What is a good time for 2 mile?


Two Mile Goal/Pace First 100M Last 7 400s
18:30 (9:15/mile) 36-37 2:16-2:19
18:00 (9:00/mile) 35-36 2:12-2:15
17:30 (8:45/mile) 34-35 2:08-2:11
17:00 (8:30/mile) 33-34 2:05-2:07

How long does the army give you to run 2 miles?

15 minutes and 12 seconds
They have to complete a two-mile run in less than 15 minutes and 12 seconds, as well as a five-mile run in 40 minutes or less. They must be able to perform six untimed pull-ups.

How hard is the Army 2 mile run?

Therefore, you need to prepare for the Army by getting into shape as soon as possible. The Army 2 mile run is challenging and intense, especially for soldiers that are not accustomed to running long distances. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to arrive at boot camp without any preparation and expect to succeed.

What is the fastest 2 mile run?

The world best for men is 7:58.61 set by Kenyan Daniel Komen in Hechtel, Belgium on 19 July 1997. The women’s record is 8:58.58, set by Ethiopian Meseret Defar in Brussels, Belgium on 14 September 2007.

What’s the 2 mile run requirement for the Army?

2-mile Run is a specific physical fitness requirement to be carried out in selection process of US Army soldiers. Below given is the APFT Two Mile Run Standards for male.

What are the APFT standards for 2 mile run?

Use the Male 2 Mile Run Standards scoresheet below to get your score, or to see how fast you need to run your 2 Miles to get a 100% score in this APFT event! To learn the APFT rules and standards for performing a proper 2 Mile Run, see our “Army PT Test” page.

How old do you have to be to pass the two mile run?

You must score at least a 50 in each event in order to pass the APFT to graduate Basic Combat Training. US ARMY TWO-MILE RUN STANDARDS. Age Group 17-21. Age Group 22-26. Age Group 27-31. Age Group 32-36. Age Group 37-41.

How often should you run a 2 mile run?

You should ideally train and jog/run 2-3 days per week. You may walk on rest days for 30 minutes as an alternative cardio workout for the day. By week 6 you may want to adjust the cardio workout to 3-4 days per week. The intermediate runner plan is designed for recruits that exercise infrequently yet are concerned about passing the Army 2-mile run.

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