What is data protection Suite?

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What is data protection Suite?

Data Protection Suite delivers coverage across all consumption models. With purpose- built solutions built to meet the needs of all types of organizations and data protection. environments, the Data Protection Suite Family protects your data no matter where it is. and against whatever happens.

Which solutions are included with the Dell EMC data protection Suite?

Explore Data Protection Suite Unified backup and recovery software for the enterprise: deduplication, backup to disk and tape, snapshots, replication and NAS. Protects both physical and virtual environments including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

What is EMC PowerProtect?

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager provides software defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

What is DP4400?

The DP4400 provides comprehensive coverage, performance and cloud readiness. It also offers efficient and cost-effective native cloud disaster recovery (to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware Cloud on AWS) with end-to-end orchestration – failover in 3 clicks, and failback in 2 clicks*.

What is data protection Advisor?

With Data Protection Advisor, you’ll be able to unify and automate monitoring, alerting and reporting across your data protection software and storage environments, including on-premises and cloud. Data Protection Advisor enables you to make informed decisions faster, which increases efficiency.

What is data protection Dell?

Dell EMC data protection software delivers next-generation data management and comprehensive data backup capabilities to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

What database can PowerProtect Data Manager protect?

Designed with operational simplicity and agility in mind, Data Manager enables the protection of traditional workloads including Oracle, Exchange, SQL, SAP HANA and file systems as well as Kubernetes containers and virtual environments.

Why is Dell EMC Data Domain?

Dell EMC Data Domain, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, is the industry’s most scalable, reliable, cloud-enabled protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery. Data Domain’s flexible design integrates with leading backup, archive, enterprise and Big Data applications or directly with primary storage.

What is the lowest starting capacity available for the DP4400?

24 TB
The IDPA DP4400 can be purchased with a minimum of 24 TB usable capacity and can grow-in-place up to 96 TB usable capacity with no additional hardware to purchase, install or configure.

Which port of the DP4400 is used to connect the service computer?

Connect the system to the network Use a Cat5e or Cat6 UTP copper Ethernet cable to connect a 1 GbE port (10) to the service computer. 2. If the DP4400 contains 10Gb BASE-T network cards, use Cat6a UTP or Cat7 copper cables to connect to the network switch.

How do I stop a DPA service?

Stop and start DPA on a Linux server

  1. To stop DPA, run the following command from the DPA directory: shutdown.sh. For example, using the default DPA directory: /home/solarwinds/dpa_V_v/shutdown.sh.
  2. To restart DPA, run the following command from the DPA directory: startup.sh. For example, using the default DPA directory:

What is DPA Dell?

DPA is a revolving line of credit tailored for individual and home purchases of Dell equipment. ^ Exclusive financing offers and discounts. Zero dollar liability on reported unauthorized charges.

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