How do I keep the subtotal in Excel when filtered?

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How do I keep the subtotal in Excel when filtered?

Using the Subtotal Function to Sum Filtered Data in Excel

  1. Display workbook in Excel containing data to be filtered.
  2. Click anywhere in the data set.
  3. Apply filter on data.
  4. Click below the data to sum.
  5. Enter the Subtotal formula to sum the filtered data.

Why is subtotal not working in Excel?

If the Subtotals command is grayed out, that’s because subtotals can’t be added to tables. Right-click a cell in your table, point to Table, and then click Convert to Range.

Why my Excel filter is not working?

Another reason why your Excel filter may not be working may be due to merged cells. Unmerge any merged cells or so that each row and column has it’s own individual content. If your column headings are merged, when you filter you may not be able to select items from one of the merged columns.

Why is my filter in Excel not picking up all data?

How does Excel subtotal function work?

SUBTOTAL in Excel Tables Excel uses SUBTOTAL for calculations in the Total row of an Excel Table because SUBTOTAL automatically excludes rows hidden by the filter controls at the top of the table. That is, as you filter rows in a table with a Total row, calculations automatically respect the filter.

What is the subtotal formula in Excel?

The SUBTOTAL function in Excel allows users to create groups and then perform various other Excel functions such as SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, PRODUCT, MAX, etc. Thus, the SUBTOTAL function in Excel helps in analyzing the data provided.

What is subtotal formula in Excel?

Is there a subtotal IF function in Excel?

To create a “Subtotal If”, we will use a combination of SUMPRODUCT, SUBTOTAL, OFFSET, ROW, and MIN in an array formula. When using Excel 2019 and earlier, you must enter the array formula by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to tell Excel that you’re entering an array formula.

How do I enable filtering in Excel?

To turn on autofilter,

  1. Click any cell within your range.
  2. From the Data tab, click Filter. It’s in the Sort & Filter panel.

Why can’t I sort my Excel spreadsheet?

If you select the wrong rows and columns or less than the full cell range that contains the information you want to sort, Microsoft Excel can’t arrange your data the way you want to view it. With a partial range of cells selected, only the selection sorts. With empty cells selected, nothing happens.

How do I write a subtotal formula in Excel?

  1. On the Data tab, in the Outline group, click Subtotal. The Subtotal dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the At each change in box, click the nested subtotal column.
  3. In the Use function box, click the summary function that you want to use to calculate the subtotals.
  4. Clear the Replace current subtotals check box.

How do you filter formulas in Excel?

To filter cells which containing the formulas, you need to identify the formulas cells with a User Defined Function first, and then apply the Filter feature to the new helper column. 1. Hold down the Alt + F11 keys in Excel, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

How do I filter total in Excel?

1. Enter this formula: =SUBTOTAL(9,B2:B13) into the bottom row, see screenshot: 2. Then press Enter key to get the total value, and now, if you filter this data, the total row will be excluded and kept at the end of the data.

What is the function of filter in Excel?

filter is used to select specific data required. It is done to make it easier to focus on specific information in a large database or table of data. Temporarily hide unwanted data to use this function. Filter in Excel gives you the choice on how to arrange your data, whether it be chronological, by fill color or just by a mere text criteria.

How to sum values in an Excel filtered list?


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