Does Louie Spence own Pineapple Dance Studios?

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Does Louie Spence own Pineapple Dance Studios?

Louie Spence (born 6 April 1969) is an English dancer, choreographer and television personality, best known for the TV show Pineapple Dance Studios….

Louie Spence
Education Italia Conti Performing Arts School
Occupation Dancer, Choreographer, Television presenter
Years active 1985–present
Employer Pineapple Dance Studios

Has Louie Spence got a holiday home?

Reality TV star and choreographer Louie Spence and his husband Leto Fernandez have long-dreamt of owning a holiday home in Spain’s Almeria Province – somewhere to spend the winter months and short summer breaks with friends and family.

Who is Louie Spence’s partner?

Leto Fernandezm. 2007
Louie Spence/Spouse

Who owns Pineapple Studios?

Debbie Moore
Pineapple Dance Studios

Logo of Pineapple Dance Studios
Trade name Pineapple
Founder Debbie Moore
Headquarters London , England
Parent Pineapple Holdings Limited

Does Louie Spence have a wife?

Who did Louie Spence play in cats?

Magical Mr. Mistoffelees
On his return to London, Louie joined the cast of Cats as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees (a name he has trouble pronouncing) and for a year wore a cat suit and yak’s-hair wig and tail. He followed this with the Pet Shop Boys hit musical Closer to Heaven.

What does Louie Spence do now?

He is a panto favourite, starring in Cinderella in Aberdeen in 2019 and earlier this week jetted off to Benidorm in Spain where he plans to work behind a friend’s karaoke bar. “I knew it wouldn’t be long till I was snapped up as the best barmen of Benidorm,” he wrote on Instagram of his new gig at Mateo’s bar.

Why is Louie Spence not on TV anymore?

Audiences couldn’t get enough of Louie and even though Pineapple Studios only ran for one season, Sky gave him his own series, Louie Spence’s Showbusiness. Sadly it was cancelled after just one series and that same year he shot another show for Oprah Winfrey titled Louie Spence’s Dance Project, but that never aired.

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When was Louie Spence on the chase?

Episode #4.10 (1 Nov. Kym Marsh, Tracey Cox, Louie Spence and Greg Rusedski are up against the chaser, Shaun Wallace. Bradley Walsh hosts.

Who are Louie Spence parents?

Keith Spence
Louie Spence/Parents

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