How do you play Axl low strive?

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How do you play Axl low strive?

Axl players in Guilty Gear Strive should attempt to keep their opponents away as much as possible by poking with their long normals and combo-ing with Sickle Flash. Use Winter Mantis to diversify the offense, and when things go sour, attempt to escape the enemy with Snail & Rainwater.

Can you tiger knee Axl bomber?

Tiger Knee Axl Bomber or TKB in short is a technique used to execute an Axl Bomber at lowest possible height.

How do you beat Axl low?

If it is a horizontal attack, jump over it and dash toward him. If it is an upward attack, boldly run under it and block in time once he retracts the chain sickle back to him. This way, you can close the gap and pressure Axl Low.

What is a Tiger Knee?

The Tiger Knee Motion is a community term for a motion in Street Fighter games that usually ends in the up-back or up-forward motion in terms of Inputs. …

Is Axl low a Zoner?

Axl Low is the resident zoner of Xrd. While his chains may remind you of the limbs of Dhalsim from Street Fighter, he has some tools to pressure opponents at close range as well.

Is Venom Black Guilty Gear?

Venom is a fit, dark-skinned man with long, white hair. In Guilty Gear Xrd, the words “Settle with Elegance” are written on several parts of Venom’s uniform along with “British Elegance” on his vest’s buckles.

Is it possible to have multiple Axl lows?

It is possible to have multiple lows/overheads in block strings; it’s good to have enough moves to hit confirm between them. You can reset pressure with a Rensengeki FRC (Which is +33 on block). Axl Bomber is frame advantage on block, and an overhead. Using this low to the ground can be an important part of Axl’s pressure game.

Is the loop techable a good airthrow in Axl?

Making the loop techable can be a fairly reliable airthrow setup. Axl has quite varied pressure strings; keep in mind that 2K, 3P, and 2D are low, 5D and 6H are overheads, Rashousen is unblockable, and 63214 S can cross over the opponent’s head (or not) and also is an overhead and FRCable.

What kind of hair does Axl Low have?

He wishes to return to his own time period so as to see his girlfriend, Megumi, once again. Axl has blue eyes and straight blond hair below the shoulder, always covered by a red bandana; from Xrd onwards, it has a white saltire on it. He is quite muscular and of a fair complexion, and always wears brown boots.

Which is faster the s or the H version of Axl Low?

The S version is faster than any of Axl’s normals, FRCable, and upper-body invincible. The H version is slower and lower-body invincible, reaches into the air (can be used against IADs), and can be followed up for knockdown. An unblockable but slow projectile. Like Rensengeki, if it’s jumped over, you’re going to get hurt.

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