Does Flourish Excel actually work?

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Does Flourish Excel actually work?

Flourish Excel cannot replace a traditional CO2 system. However, if it is dosed correctly, can be really effective growing aquarium plants. While this product contains very strong compounds (Glutaraldehyde), it can easily harm plants. DO NOT OVERDOSE!

Is Excel an algaecide?

Seachem Excel is also known as an algaecide. It is the preferred method for many people to kill off Black Beard Alage (BBA) by using the full day dosage distributed right on the spot of algae using a pipette .

Is Flourish Excel toxic to humans?

It is a dangerous carcinogen that is harmful to fish, plants, and humans! This claim, that Flourish Excel™ is Gluteraldehyde, is a common one that is simply not true. While structurally similar, Flourish Excel™ is NOT a gluteraldehyde product.

Is Flourish Excel bad for fish?

SAFETY: Flourish Excel is completely safe for fish, however if you have Anacharis in an aquarium in which you are dosing Flourish Excel, then it is recommended to use it every other day rather than daily.

How long does flourish excel last?

Flourish Excel can stay complexed as a carbon source for up to 24 hours before it dissipates. So technically after about 24 hours, it begins to lose its potency.

Can I use flourish and flourish excel together?

Short version: Flourish, Excel, Trace, Iron and Potassium are OK to mix together, though should be diluted.

How often should I use flourish?

Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 250 L (60 US gallons) once or twice a week. For smaller doses, please note that each cap thread is approximately 1 mL. Refrigeration is recommended 3 months after opening.

Should I use flourish or flourish excel?

Excel supplies carbon and Flourish supplies trace minerals. When you does Excel, you’re relying on water changes and fish waste to supply all your fishes’ needs. When you only dose Flourish, you’re relying on atmospheric CO2 to supply carbon, and also the CO2 your fish respire.

Can you use flourish excel every day?

Based on this, it would be ideal to dose Flourish Excel™ during the day. But given that Flourish Excel™ can stay complexed as a carbon source for up to 24 hours before it dissipates, you can dose at any time of the day and the product will be available for the next 24 hours.

How many drops flourish per gallon?

Info: Seachem Flourish Trace Dosing Instructions

Water Volume Dose in mL Dose in drops
1 gallon (4 L) 0.25 mL 5 Drops
5 gallons (20 L) 1.3 mL 25 Drops
10 gallons (40 L) 2.5 mL 50 Drops
20 gallons (80 L) 5 mL 100 Drops

Is flourish the same as Excel?

“Flourish” is the name of Seachem’s entire fert line. Excel is a carbon supplement (and algaecide) only.

Can I use flourish and flourish advance together?

While there should not be any interaction between Flourish Advance® and another product, leaving 24 hours in between the doses will avoid possible fish stress from rapidly changing water parameters.

What do you need to know about flourish Excel?

The main compound of Flourish Excel (Glutaraldehyde) is used in the agriculture as pesticide and is used to disinfect and sterilize heat-sensitive equipment ( source ). That said, Flourish Excel can and will kill algae and plants if it is overdosed. If used in very large quantities, Flourish Excel can kill fish too.

How often should you dose flourish excel with water?

Flourish Excel will break down in the water in about 24 hours. This means, that after 24 hours it will no longer be effective. There are many people who dose Flourish Excel every other day, or 3 times a week. From my experience, this is not a good idea.

Is there any impact on pH from flourish Excel?

Flourish Excel™ is not carbon dioxide and there is no impact on pH using it. A: Yes and no. It provides the same benefit as CO 2, i.e. it provides the plants with a source of carbon for growth just as CO 2 provides them with carbon.

Can you use flourish excel with a water conditioner?

Flourish Excel™ falls into the category of chemicals known as “reducing agents”. If the other product cannot be used with reducing agents like water conditioners, stress reducers, or some kinds of medications, it cannot be used with Flourish Excel™. When in doubt, wait a day.

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