What are some Slavic last names?

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What are some Slavic last names?

  • Belkina.
  • Benda.
  • Beneš, Benesch.
  • Beregova.
  • Berezovsky.
  • Bergauz.
  • Bernat.
  • Biernacki, Bernatsky.

What are the most common Serbian last names?

The ten most common surnames in Serbia, in order, are Jovanović, Petrović, Nikolić, Marković, Đorđević, Stojanović, Ilić, Stanković, Pavlović and Milošević. Outside Serbian countries, Slavic suffixes have been transliterated.

What are some Romanian last names?

Romanian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings

  • Albescu. The root word for this Romanian surname is the word ‘alb’ that means ‘white’ in the Romanian language.
  • Albu. It is also derived from the word ‘alb,’ which stands for ‘white’ in Romanian.
  • Aldea.
  • Andrei.
  • Ardelean.
  • Baciu.
  • Balan.
  • Barbaneagra.

What are some rich last names?

Popular Rich Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

  • Albrecht. Meaning: Noble, Famous (German)
  • Armani. Meaning: Free (Italian)
  • Arnoult. Meaning: Eagle ruler (German)
  • Astor. Meaning: Hawk (French)
  • Augustus. Meaning: Venerable (Greek)
  • Baldwin. Meaning: Brave (German)
  • Balenciaga.
  • Bamford.

What are Viking last names?

The statistics: Most popular Norwegian surnames

  • Hansen (53,011)
  • Johansen (50,088)
  • Olsen (49,303)
  • Larsen (37,869)
  • Andersen (37,025)
  • Pedersen (35,145)
  • Nilsen (34,734)
  • Kristiansen (23,397)

What are rare last names?

Here are 100 of the Rarest Last Names in the U.S. as of the 2010 Census

  • Afify.
  • Allaband.
  • Amspoker.
  • Ardolf.
  • Atonal.
  • Banasiewicz.
  • Beischel.
  • Bidelspach.

Is Elena a Romanian name?

What does Elena mean and stand for? The name Elena is of Greek, Spanish, Italian, and German origin and means “bright, shining light”. It has roots in Spanish, Italian, Slavic, and Romanian. Elena derives from the name Helen, which came from the Greek word helene, meaning “torch.”

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