What is humic acid used for?

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What is humic acid used for?

Humic acid is a chemical produced by decaying plants. People use it to make medicine. People take humic acid for stimulating the immune system and treating the flu (influenza), avian flu, swine flu, and other viral infections.

Can we mix humic acid with NPK?

The combination enhances flowering fruit vegetable of plant. These 3 together gives TREMENDOUS results on field. ORGANIC HUMIC ACID enhances overall growth of plants by promoting root growth and strength Which IF USED WITH NPK WILL GIVE TREMENDOUS GROWTH IN PLANT.

Is humic acid acidic or alkaline?

Humic substances are weak acidic electrolytes with carboxylic- and phenolic-OH groups with a micelle-like structure and with a molecular weight between 500 (fulvic) and 100,000 (humic). The chemical structure of humic acid is shown in Figure 6.1 [15].

What minerals are in humic acid?

Humic acids are big molecules, ranging in molecular size from 10,000 to 100,000. They’re dark in color and combine mixtures of carbon chains and carbon rings. (In addition to carbon, they also contain oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and phosphorus.) The exact composition of humic molecules varies by source.

How often should I apply humic acid?

1–2 times per year is the optimal application schedule for humates and humic acid. Make your first application in early spring, around the time your lawn greens-up.

Will humic acid burn plants?

Humic acid is not a fertilizer and will not burn, although some manufacturers will add nitrogen. Adding nitrogen is not a bad thing and will also benefit the plants. Humates work differently in the plant. Products with higher concentrations of humic acid will obtain better results.

Is humic acid an antiviral?

Humic acids exhibit a high antiviral activity. A humic acid molecule covers a virus as a “coat” to block its escape into the bulk and prevents its reproduction. In this case, humic acid sends a signal to immune system about the appearance of an invader.

Will humic acid lower soil pH?

Similar to lime, humic acids have a positive effect on the soil and the arable crop. For one thing, they neutralize the pH value in acidic soil – this increases the buffer capacity of the soil, which means that acidic precipitation has less of a negative effect on soil reactions.

Can you apply too much humic acid?

People will also ask if it’s possible to apply too much humic acid to the lawn and the answer is no. You won’t harm the lawn with too much humic acid but for sure, you will waste it. In other words, throwing down more than the labeled rate will not hurt anything, but it certainly is wasteful and expensive.

Is humic acid worth?

Humic acid is nutrient rich, making it a good fertilizer for your plants. By boosting microbial activity, humic acid also boosts the availability of nutrients both in the soil and in the additional fertilizers you use on your lawn. Humic acid can help improve soil texture and water retention.

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