How fast do lightning sprint cars go?

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How fast do lightning sprint cars go?

160 miles per hour
Depending on the mechanical setup (engine, gearing, shocks, etc.) and the track layout, these cars can achieve speeds in excess of 160 miles per hour (260 km/h).

What are lightning sprints?

A Lightning Sprint is a scaled down version of a 410 outlaw sprint car. A Lightning Sprint uses a midget sized chassis with 13” wheels and is chain driven by a 1000cc inline 4 cylinder motorcycle engine and is topped off with scaled down nose and top wings. The engines can be fueled by methanol, E85, or gasoline.

How much does a lightning sprint car cost?

California Lightning Sprints rules require stock motorcycle engines with carburetors installed….Quit Dreaming, Start Driving.

Base price $7,500
Price as tested $13,000

Where do they race mini sprints?

One can see the best micro sprint racing in tracks across the states of Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

Why do sprint cars use methanol?

Methanol has been a preferred fuel for race-car drivers and teams for decades, for various reasons. “It’s just a much better fuel for racing,” he says. We could go on about the safety of methanol — it burns cleaner than gasoline, is less flammable and burns “cooler” — but come on.

How old do you have to be to race a Mini Sprint?

Notice All drivers must be at least 14 years of age during the racing season of competition with previous racing experience. Proof of age is required. Drivers under 18 years of age must have notarized parental consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian.

What is a mini late model?

Collection: Mini Late Model This is a car designed listening to the needs of the track owners, promoters and car owners. This car was built around an existing support network with operational cost and equality at the core.

How much is a 360 sprint car engine?

“Most high end 360s range anywhere from $45,000 to $55,000 for a complete new engine.

How fast do Mini Sprints go?

The cars can reach upwards of 100 miles per hour which is why the tubing is needed to be thicker.

What is the difference between a micro sprint and a mini sprint?

Micro and mini-sprint race cars are powered by motorcycle engines. While the micro sprints are chain driven with the motor sitting across the frame, on the left side of the car, the mini-sprint’s motor sits in-line with the frame and the car uses a driveshaft to transfer the power from the motor to the rear axle.

Do sprint cars use methanol?

Pure methanol has been used in open wheel auto racing since the mid-1960s. Unlike petroleum fires, methanol fires can be extinguished with plain water.

How big is the California Lightning Sprint Car?

The California Lightning Sprints (CLS) are a Southern California based 1200cc Mini-Sprint club. Capable of reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph, the cars of the CLS may be small in size, but they are big on…

Who are the sponsors of the California Lightning sprints?

(Upland, CA, April 23, 2021) California Lightning sprints secured Walker Performance Filtration as contingency sponsor for the 2021 season. Walker Performance makes the highest quality air filters in the industry and are consistently used by NASCAR, USAC, World of Outlaws, IMCA, and now California Lightning sprints.

Who is Iron Man in the Lightning Sprint?

After a brief fling in Speedway Motorcycle racing, the driver who is sometimes known as the “Iron Man,” bought a Lightning Sprint in the early 2000s and has been a regular ever since. In fact, until he was burned in a Senior Sprint Car race at Perris Auto Speedway in 2019, Gamer had only missed three races in 17 years.

What kind of air filters are used in Lightning sprints?

Walker Performance makes the highest quality air filters in the industry and are consistently used by NASCAR, USAC, World of Outlaws, IMCA, and now California Lightning sprints. The ever expanding line of Walker Performance air filters will soon cover most manufacturers used by Lightning Sprints across the country….. ( more)

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