What is the logic for designing 2-bit comparator?

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What is the logic for designing 2-bit comparator?

2-Bit Magnitude Comparator – A comparator used to compare two binary numbers each of two bits is called a 2-bit Magnitude comparator. It consists of four inputs and three outputs to generate less than, equal to and greater than between two binary numbers.

Can we design 2-bit comparator using logic gates?

Comparator – Designing 1-bit, 2-bit and 4-bit comparators using logic gates. A Comparator is a combinational circuit that gives output in terms of A>B, A

How does a 2-bit comparator work?

A 2-bit comparator compares two binary numbers, each of two bits and produces their relation such as one number is equal or greater than or less than the other. The figure below shows the block diagram of a two-bit comparator which has four inputs and three outputs.

What is magnitude comparator explain?

Magnitude Comparator are digital circuits which have two ports which accept and have three single bit outputs. It is used to comparing individual bits, multi-bit comparators can be constructed to compare whole BCD words to produce an output if one word is larger, equal to or less than the other.

What is the working principle of magnitude comparator?

A digital comparator or magnitude comparator is a hardware electronic device that takes two numbers as input in binary form and determines whether one number is greater than, less than or equal to the other number. Comparators are used in central processing units (CPUs) and microcontrollers (MCUs).

What is the function of magnitude comparator?

How many types of magnitude comparator are there?

There are two main types of digital comparators available: Identity comparator and Magnitude comparator. This app note describes how to implement an 8-bit Identity comparator and a 4-bit Magnitude comparator. This application note covers the concept and the circuit design.

Are the two types of comparator?

Based on the method of magnification, the comparators are classified as follows: Mechanical Comparator. Mechanical-Optical Comparator. Reed Type Comparator.

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