Who is Ayato in love with Diabolik?

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Who is Ayato in love with Diabolik?

Yui Komori
Yui Komori is the heroine of the game, anime, and manga of Diabolik Lovers. She is the love interest of the Sakamaki Brothers (Shu, Reiji, Laito, Ayato, Kanato, and Subaru), the Mukami Brothers (Ruki, Kou, Yuma, and Azusa), the Tsukinami Brothers (Carla and Shin) and Kino (the Sakamaki’s illegitimate brother).

Who does Ayato end up with in Diabolik Lovers?

This is mainly due to the anime where the two’s relationship is the main focus, it is also supported as Ayato has married Yui in all of the Diabolik Lovers games, unlike the other characters.

What is wrong with Yuri Ayato?

He has multiple lobe and cartilage piercings, as well as a tongue piercing and a navel piercing. Yuri has yet to be seen without a pair of sunglasses, and often dons various other accessories, such as chokers, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Did Ayato and Yui have kids?

Miya is the daughter of Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki.

Does Ayato marry Julis?

Ayato Amagiri is the main protagonist of the anime and light novel series, The Asterisk War. He is a transfer student at Seidōkan Academy and is searching to find his missing older sister, Haruka. He is also the love interest of Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld.

Is Ayato stronger than Touka?

Ayato is stronger than Touka, therefore he could sprout two “wings”. You can compare that to Kaneki who started off with only 3 “tentacles”, but eventually he was able to sprout more as he became stronger.

Why does Ayato feel bad about Laito in Diabolik Lovers?

In the DIABOLIK LOVERS Do-S Kyuuketsu VERSUS Ⅱ Vol.1 Ayato VS Laito cd It is revealed that Ayato had an idea about what was happening to Laito (The triples would often sleep together in the same bed and Ayato would notice Laito disappear), and feels guilty for not helping him.

What does Ayato Sakamaki call Yui in Diabolik?

He looks down on others and loves to bully and tease people, bragging about himself and sometimes commanding everyone to call him “Ayato-sama”. He refers to himself most of the time as “Ore-sama” (Yours Truly in the English Dub) and refers to Yui as “Chichinashi” 「チチナシ」 (Breastless or Pancake in the English Dub).

What kind of Love Does Ayato Sakamaki have?

Ayato would never understand the full concept of love; until Yui appears and begins to live with them in the Sakamaki household. At first, it’s clearly shown that he only thought of Yui as a food; someone whom he can drink blood from; blood which he claims is ‘first-rate’.

Why does Ayato have a hard time expressing his feelings?

Ayato has a hard time expressing his feelings and he tends to get quickly jealous of anything. Even when Yui manages to stand up to him or teases him in her own way he starts to act more high-and-mighty and tries to cover up his feelings of embarrassment.

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