What happens in TWD Season 3 episode 13?

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What happens in TWD Season 3 episode 13?

Plot. In an attempt to stop further bloodshed, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) meets and negotiates with The Governor (David Morrissey) in a barn, who shows himself to be unarmed but secretly has a pistol taped underneath their table.

What was Michonne looking at at the end of episode 13?

Michonne sees a giant caravan full of people at the episode’s end. “We coordinated with [chief content officer of ‘TWD’ universe] Scott Gimple on what he needed the endpoint in the episode to be in order to set up the handoff to the TWD Universe,” Kang told Insider.

What happens in Season 3 episode 14 of The Walking Dead?

In this episode, The Governor (David Morrissey) hunts down Andrea (Laurie Holden) when she flees Woodbury, and tensions arise within Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman)’s group. Meanwhile, a traitor attempts to sabotage the upcoming meeting between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and The Governor.

What happened to the Governor at the end of season 3?

Upon arriving at the prison with his army and tank, the Governor tells Rick that he is going to give their group a chance to leave without anyone getting killed. At that moment, Michonne stabs the Governor and leaves him to die. Lilly then shoots him in the head, killing him.

Does Rick give michonne to the governor?

PHOTOS: ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Most Shocking Deaths Rather than head with Daryl and Rick to meet the Governor, he instead goes solo to transfer Michonne to the Governor in a bid to repair his reputation among the prison community and stay alongside his brother.

Who dies in Season 3 Episode 16 of The Walking Dead?

Gimple and re-filmed one month after production ended to deliver a more satisfying conclusion. The episode also explores the theme of embracing humanity and civilization. The episode features the death of Andrea, who is bitten by a re-animated Milton.

Does Andrea get to warn Rick?

After being the first character to cross paths with Michonne (Danai Gurria) and meeting the Governor (David Morrissey), Andrea became integral to the show’s season 3 story. It’s when she saw his torture room that she made a fateful decision to leave Woodbury and warn Rick (Andrew Lincoln) of the Governor’s intentions.

Who burned the pit biters?

After Andrea says that he “can’t look the other way”, Milton decides to burn the walkers in the pit that the Governor was planning to use on Rick’s group at the meeting.

Who killed the Governor?

During the climax of the episode, The Governor is about to kill Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) when The Governor is mortally wounded by Michonne (Danai Gurira) and later shot in the head by Lilly Chambler (Audrey Marie Anderson), who incidentally also kills him in the comics.

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