How do I connect my X32 to my computer?

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How do I connect my X32 to my computer?

Recording X32 to a computer

  1. Connect the X32 to your computer via USB. Windows users will first need to install the latest driver available from Behringer.
  2. Launch your DAW and select the X32 as the audio input/output device.
  3. Create tracks in your DAW and assign each input to the correct input channel.

How many outputs does the X32 have?

Each X32 AES50 port supports 48 input and 48 output channels and can each connect to up to three stage boxes at a time. That’s a lot of channels, meaning you can configure a variety of setups. For example, a single S16 offers 16 inputs and 8 outputs.

Does X32 have built in WiFi?

Connect to the X32-Mix App On the iPad, go to Settings and select WiFi. Select the Wifi Network the X32 is connected to. Open XiControl and enter the IP address when prompted. Press Connect and then tab outside of the Setup screen.

How do I connect my X32 to my router?

Plug an ethernet cable into an open LAN port on the wireless router and the X32’s Ethernet port. On your wireless router’s setup screen, write down the router’s IP address and then select an IP address from the DHCP IP Address Range given. On the X32, press Setup and go to the Network tab.

What is main output?

The main output from most mixing devices is a stereo output, using two output sockets which should be fairly obvious and easy to locate. The connectors are usually 3-pin XLRs on larger consoles, but can also be 6.5mm TR (jack) sockets or RCA sockets. The level of the output signal is monitored on the mixer’s VU meters.

How do you set up a stage monitor?

Connecting and Mixing Stage Monitors

  1. Place the stage monitors in the ideal location for each performer.
  2. Turn each stage monitor’s and its respective Aux output level all the way down.
  3. Connect the mixer’s Aux output to the stage monitor and power it on.

How do I setup X32 edit with my Behringer X32?

1. Press Setup and select the Network tab. 2. Press the first encoder to engage DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Note: DHCP is highlighted orange when turned on. The router will automatically assign an IP address to the X32 if you choose the DHPC setting.

How do I assign an IP address to my X32?

Assigning an IP address on your X32 can be done in two ways. The Automatic Method (Option A) will work for most users and is the option we recommend. However, the Manual Method (Option B) is the method to use if you need to coordinate a large number of devices on the same network.

How to connect a microphone to a Behringer X32?

Connect a microphone to IN 1 and press the SELECT button on channel 1. Press the HOME button to see the channel strip starting with the CONFIG/PREAMP page. (optional) Use the encoders to adjust each channel’s settings and press the LAYER buttons to change which bank of settings the encoders control.

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