Who originally sang Africa?

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Who originally sang Africa?

David Paich
Africa (Toto song)

Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) David Paich Jeff Porcaro
Producer(s) Toto
Toto singles chronology

Who wrote I bless the rains down in Africa?

David Paich
Jeff Porcaro

Who will listen to Africa by Toto every day for a whole decade?

Apparently, I’m not the only one still listening to Toto’s “Africa” on repeat. Max Siedentopf, a 27-year-old Namibian artist based in London, has created the ultimate tribute to the iconic song with a unique sound installation set up in – where else? – Africa.

Who is the lead singer in Toto Africa?


Is Africa by Toto the greatest song ever?

Africa by Toto has been voted the greatest song of all time. Toto released Africa in 1982, with the track forming out part of their fourth and most critically acclaimed studio album, Toto IV.

Is Toto Forever still working?

The installation fittingly named, Toto Forever, runs on solar energy, thus self-sustaining its ability to continue playing the song for as long as the sun is shining on planet earth.

What genre is Africa by Toto?


What is the meaning of the song Africa by Toto?

Meaning of “Africa” by Toto. “Africa” is a song recorded by the American rock band Toto. The lyrics of “Africa” capture the quandary of a guy who must choose between his two loves — the continent of Africa and girl he finds therein.

Is Africa by Toto good?

“Africa” by Toto is such a good song, you can’t ruin it with any keyboard presets. A guy runs through playing “Africa” by Toto on a whole lot of different keyboard preset sounds and every single one of them still sounds amazing.

Who wrote Africa by Toto?

“Africa” is a song recorded by the American band Toto in 1981, for their fourth studio album Toto IV, and released as the album’s third single on September 30, 1982, through Columbia Records . The song was written by band members David Paich and Jeff Porcaro , and composed by Toto.

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