Does Hanabusa like Ichigo?

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Does Hanabusa like Ichigo?

In Season 2, episode 11, he admits that he did have feelings for Ichigo and says to Kashino that if he gets dumped by Ichigo, he will “attack” for real.

Who does Ichigo end up with in Yumeiro Patissiere?

Ichigo Amano (天野いちご Amano Ichigo) is the fourteen year old main character of Yumeiro Patissiere who acquired her love of sweets from her late grandmother’s desserts and has no particular talent….

Ichigo Amano
Partner Makoto Kashino
Voice Actor 悠木 碧 (Yuuki Aoi)

Is there romance in Yumeiro Patissiere?

In Yumeiro Patissiere, Ichigo has Vinilla and Amu has Ran, Miki, and Su. The people the girls hang out with are very popular people. The romance is cute! Same with the characters.

Is Yumeiro patissiere over?

Yumeiro Patissiere: Mune Kyun Tropical Island! Yumeiro Patissiere (Japanese: 夢色パティシエール, Hepburn: Yumeiro Patishiēru, lit. Dream-Colored Pastry Chef, sometimes stylized Yumeiro Pâtissière) is a shōjo manga and anime series by Natsumi Matsumoto. The series ended on June 3, 2011, with a total of 12 tankōbon volumes.

Who is Henri Sensei’s sweet spirit?

Henri Lucas (アンリ・リュカス Anri Ryukasu) is the grandson of Marie Lucas (the founder of St. Marie Academy), a world-class patissier and the Master that recruited Ichigo Amano, Mari Tennouji and Francois Adjani.

How many seasons does Yumeiro Patissiere?

Yumeiro Patissiere was available for streaming with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. This season contains 50 episodes with a second season premiering October 3, 2010 with the name “Yumeiro Patisserie SP Professional.” The first DVD volume for the anime was released March 3, 2010.

Is Yumeiro patissiere a reverse harem?

Yumeiro Patissiere and Bonjour Koiaji Patissiere are two anime series with the same themes. While both have a reverse harem cloaking theme, Bonjour focuses on the romance aspect more while Yumeiro focuses on the struggles of building character and skill.

Is Yumeiro patissiere dubbed?

Yumeiro Patissiere (named The Pastry Chef) is an anime dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment from 2010 to 2011.

Why does Rukia want to be with Ichigo?

The Ichigo/Rukia pairing is arguably the biggest and most popular in the community, and the anime gives some hints as to why Ichigo and Rukia belong together. But there are also some compelling reasons why Rukia ought to end up with Renji instead, both in the story and in fan fiction or fan art.

Why did Ichigo give Hanabusa a bouquet of flowers?

Even though Hanabusa is more of a flirtatious type it is shown in Ichigo’s first encounter with the three that he is giving her a bouquet of candy flowers. Although Andou gives her a treat too, it is hinted that Hanabusa’s intentions were tilting towards more of an intimate display of affection.

Who are the best friends of Ichigo Kurosaki?

Chad’s loyalty for Ichigo is strong enough that he is willing to fight together with him against Gotei 13 to rescue Rukia even though he doesn’t know her enough to give up his life for her. Chad also quick to notice whenever Ichigo is feeling down and would do his best to restore his spirit. Ishida is one of Ichigo’s closest friends.

How did Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime get closer?

Despite her feeling, Orihime is too shy to make a move herself, usually only greeting Ichigo at school or if she meet him by a chance. They became closer after Orihime found out about the existence of Soul Reaper and Hollow and went to rescue Rukia together.

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