Can I get free loft insulation from British Gas?

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Can I get free loft insulation from British Gas?

British Gas is extending its offer of free loft and cavity wall insulation to all British households regardless of who supplies their energy. The new offer means that anyone owning a home with unfilled cavity walls or a loft with little or no insulation(1) can apply to British Gas to install the measures for free.

Can too much loft insulation cause damp?

Loft insulation itself will not ’cause’ damp issues as such – as in it will not act as the main catalyst for it. Effective insulation materials and installation procedures should help to prevent mould/condensation/damp related issues.

Is there a problem with loft insulation?

Loft Insulation Causes Condensation and Rots your Roof Timbers! This is another major problem which is starting to affect more homes, as the Government Word gets around, and our nasty insulation companies are promoting free insulation, paid for by the taxpayer.

Can pensioners get help with loft insulation?

If you receive Pension Guarantee Credit or other Government benefits, you could qualify for a grant for free loft insulation.

What happens if you squash loft insulation?

Squashed Loft Insulation results in >200% greater heat loss than designed, contributing significantly to the Performance Gap.

Can you put too much insulation in the loft?

As long as you ventilate your property properly, you can have as much insulation as you like within reason. The trick with loft insulation is to balance the amount of insulation you have with the amount of ventilation necessary to prevent damp. Again, as long as the loft has adequate ventilation, this is fine.

Can lack of loft insulation cause condensation?

This is especially the case if there are gaps in the insulation that allow some warm moisture laden air from below to make its way into the loft area. This warm air rapidly cools in the cold loft, and hey presto – condensation!

Does loft insulation stop condensation?

Any extra insulation you add to the ceiling will reduce the temperature in the loft, so condensation may worsen although this is rarely the sole cause.

What grants are available for pensioners?

Housing grants and schemes

  • Home Renovation Incentive.
  • Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability.
  • Housing Aid for Older People Scheme.
  • Mobility Aids Grant Scheme.
  • Improvement works in lieu of local authority housing.
  • Local authority home improvement loans.
  • Housing for older people.
  • Better Energy Homes scheme.

Where can I get Free loft insulation from British Gas?

British Gas has a grant it needs to use up and is making loft and cavity wall insulation available free of charge to customers of any energy firm. ( Click here for more information or call 0800 980 8177).

Why did British Gas fail to install cavity insulation?

British Gas Cavity Wall Insulation was fitted by tradesman and contractors and they the same as most other firms rushed jobs and never properly surveyed properties and made them properly suitable to have the cavity wall insulation installed as they too were under pressure to meet Government and EU targets.

How many homes are affected by failed cavity insulation?

In a lot cases, the energy companies responsible for carrying out the works have left householders with botched improvement works in the rush to meet energy efficiency targets. Industry estimates say that as many as 3 MILLION homes are affected by failed cavity wall insulation and British Gas is amongst them and by no means alone.

Why do less reputable installers use British Gas?

Richard Twinn, from the UK Green Building Council, a group that represents energy efficiency installers, said: “This means less reputable installers are offering poorer quality in order to offer a lower price tag, and householders think they’re getting a good deal.”

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