What does Wkwkwk stand for?

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What does Wkwkwk stand for?

laugh of loud
Indonesian people, usually young people, often use or type ‘wkwkwk’ as the substitution for laughing expressions in online media. Admit it, some amongst you often use that word. The word ‘wkwkwk’ basically has the same meaning as ‘laugh of loud (lol)’ overseas or ‘hahaha’.

Why do Indonesians use Wkwkwk?

It comes from slang words actually. Indonesians like to repeat things, so they use wkwkwk to express their laugh.

How is Wkwkwk pronounced?

It pronounce as ‘wekwekwek’.

Why do people say WWWW?

The use of wwww to represent laughing comes from the Japanese wara (笑), “to laugh.” With the rise of text-messaging and the internet in the 1990s–2000s, Japanese users adapted the kanji 笑 to denote laughter, similar to LOL. People eventually found it easier, though, to use the letter w, from the romaji of 笑, wara.

What does Wakakaka mean?

This is a Dari phrase that means “I am laughing”. Both the original and the new variant are derived from the sound of Donald Duck laughing, something like “Wakakaka”.

How do French laugh in text?

French: hahaha, héhéhé, hihihi, hohoho; also MDR It also, like many non-English languages, uses the universalized “LOL” to indicate laugher. But French also has a more delightful acronym: The French equivalent of LOL is MDR, which means “mort de rire,” or “dying of laughter.”

How do Thailand laugh?

55555- Thai people pronounce the number five as “haa” so it sounds like “ha”. So a Thai person typing “555” is the translation of the “ha ha ha” e-laughter. Both “ㅋㅋㅋ” and “ㅎㅎㅎ” represent laughter which is not very loud. However, if a vowel symbol is written, Laughing out Loud is implied: 하하 “haha” 호호, “hoho.”

Is Anjing a bad word?

Though literally the word “Anjing” means “Dog” in Indonesian, but the same word “Anjing” can also be used as a swear word. If referred as swearing word, the tone used to say this word will have a raised tone to emphasize its harsh meaning.

Does Anjing mean handsome?

Urban Dictionary on Twitter: “anjing: anjing mean beautiful for girl and handsome for boy , it can…

How do you laugh in Chinese text?

Chinese (Mandarin): 哈哈 or 呵呵 Though laughter is written 笑声 and pronounced xiào shēng, Mandarin also relies on onomatopoeia for laughter: 哈哈, pronounced hā hā, and 呵呵, pronounced he he. Similarly, xixi, 嘻嘻, suggests giggling.

Why does mean laugh?

The origin of the “www” is (?) , which means “(laugh)” and pronounced as “warai” in Japanese. Typing the Kanji characters are time consuming. Hence the network gamers & IM -addicts introduced “(warai)” & “(warai ” later shortened to (w) & (w.

What is the meaning of the word Foto?

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