How long is Ngilgi Cave tour?

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How long is Ngilgi Cave tour?

approximately one-hour
The Semi-Guided Show Cave Tour is approximately one-hour duration, and begins with an introductory talk from the cave guide while being led down into the first chamber or ‘The Amphitheatre’.

Which is the best cave to visit in Margaret River?

The Best Caves In The Margaret River Region

  • Jewel Cave. Located a 30-minute drive south of the Margaret River town centre, Jewel Cave is the largest tourist cave in all of Western Australia with one of the longest stalactites in the world.
  • Lake Cave.
  • Mammoth Cave.

How big is the Ngilgi Cave?

2,400 ft

Ngilgi Cave
Location Yallingup, Western Australia
Coordinates 33°38′32″S 115°02′03″ECoordinates: 33°38′32″S 115°02′03″E
Depth 39 m (128 ft)
Length 730 m (2,400 ft)

How do you pronounce Ngilgi Cave?

With stunning beaches and sunsets, world-class wines and ancient caves, it is Ngilgi Cave (pronounced ‘Neel-gee’) that is a must for any visit.

What fossils have been found in Ngilgi cave?

Digs at Ngilgi Cave have uncovered the remains of a Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine, as well as the remains of possums, bats, kangaroos, etc. Fossils found in caves are generally well preserved due to the absence of sunlight, rain and wind which break down and dissolve many surface fossils.

Can you take dogs to Quinninup Falls?

Quinninup Falls is located in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park and in National Park land. No dogs, horses, or other pets are allowed. There are dog exercise beaches at Dunsborough, Yallingup, Gracetown, Prevelly, and Augusta.

Who found Ngilgi cave?

Europeans first learnt of Ngilgi Cave around 1899. Edward Dawson, William Curtis and Fred Seymour are commonly attributed with the ‘European discovery’, apparently having found the entrance whilst out searching for wild horses and dingo pups in the area.

How old is the Ngilgi cave?

approximately 500,000 years old
The age of the cave is approximately 500,000 years old. The oldest piece of decoration has been dated at around 386,000 years old.

How did the Aboriginal people explain the formation of Ngilgi cave?

Ngilgi Cave is named after one of the Wardandi Aboriginal people’s ‘dreamtime’ spirits. Food was plenty, and the Aboriginal people used to collect their water from the entrance to the cave. Then an evil spirit called Wolgine began lurking in the cave. Wolgine caused the water hole to dry up and food to become scarce.

What is the main mineral found in the Ngilgi cave?

Decorations & Formations: It deposits small particles of calcium carbonate and we have the beginning of a decoration.

Where is the Ngilgi Cave in South Africa?

Ngilgi Cave is located near Yallingup, at the northern end of the Cape to Cape region. European discovery occurred in 1899, with the cave formerly being known as Yallingup Cave.

How long is the Ngilgi Cave Tour from Yallingup?

The semi-guided tour gives you basic knowledge and cave history from the expert and friendly Guide plus personal exploration time. A great choice of range of exploratory tours are available to get you up close and personal with Ngilgi. 5 minute drive from Yallingup.

When is Ngilgi Cave in Margaret River open?

Semi-guided tours of the show cave. Ngilgi Cave Centre open 9.00am – 5.00pm. Tours depart every half hour from 9.30am – 4.00pm daily. Extra tours during peak holiday times. Closed Christmas Day.

Which is the best cave in Margaret River?

Ngilgi Cave is an amazing Karst cave system with the most beautiful array of varied crystal formations including shawls and helictites. The semi-guided tour gives you basic knowledge and cave history from the expert and friendly Guide plus personal exploration time.

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